FAA to Implement Las Vegas Metroplex Project

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will implement the Las Vegas Metroplex projecton Feb. 25, 2021.

The comprehensive project will use satellite navigation to move air traffic more safely and efficiently through the area. New routes forMcCarran International Airport, Henderson Executive Airport, and North Las Vegas Airportwill bemore direct, automatically separated from each other and have efficient climb and descent profiles.It is one of 11 Metroplex projects nationwide.

Community involvement was a critical part of the projects environmental process. TheFAA conducted a thorough environmental review and extensive public engagement for the project, including 11 public workshops in 2017 and 2019.The agency also held four public comment periods totaling more than 120days,and evaluated and responded to more than 140comments.

After the FAA implements the new procedures, some flight track dispersion will continue to occur as it does today. Additionally, air traffic controllers will continue to sometimes direct aircraft off published routesfor safety or efficiency or to reroute them around weather systems.

The FAA issued theFinding of No Significant Impact-Record ofDecision(FONSI-ROD)for the Las Vegas Metroplex project in July 2020. Theagencys initial plan to implement the new routes in November 2020 was delayed by theCOVID-19 public health emergency.

After issuing the FONSI-ROD, the FAAmade minor adjustmentsto five procedures that are part of the project. The agency conducted athorough review of the changesand confirmed they did not warrant a supplement to the final Environmental Assessment, consistent with FAA environmental policy.

The Las Vegas Metroplex environmental website includes Google Earth features that enablethe publicto viewhistoricand projected flight paths associated with the project, as well as the noise analysis theFAA conducted at more than 172,000 grid points throughout the projected General Study Area.

Source: FAAFAA to Implement Las Vegas Metroplex Project

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