Future Aviators

Resources for those interested in becoming a pilot. We will also list some of the training videos and aids our staff have and are using to help with their training. One of the best free resources is AOPA. Most if not all our staff started with a discovery flight, they are very popular since there relatively inexpensive (around 80 dollars) and let you experience flight. For youth aged 13-17 Young Eagles program sponsored by Experimental Aircraft Association is a great resource. We will be bringing information for future aviators. Cessna 150

YouTube can also be a great resource for information. try viewing Aviation101, angle of attack, learn the finer points and few other. To stay connected when you can’t be in the air try listening to some podcasts, they include every subject from financing to getting a job or flying for fun. Flight training can feel overwhelming at times but perseverance pays off.  Normally a student will peak plateau then progress. Drawbacks to progress in flight training include time and money.  Three times a week is considered the best to progress in flight training. Money is also a factor since it can range from 8K to around 14K to finish. Becoming a pilot is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment.