The Administrator's Fact Book is Back

The Administrators Fact Book has returned, and its on-line.

Years back, one of the most popular FAA documents was a little white book that contained invaluable information about the FAA and air transportation. Through pages upon pages of tables, graphics, and other materials, a story was told of how U.S. aviation works.Entitled The Administrators Fact Book, the monthly publication was unfortunately discontinued in 2012, but has returned and will eventually be converted into a digital format.

The document contains sections on aviation safety, air traffic, airports, aircraft, industry, commercial space transportation, pilots, general information, and FAA resources. The wide variety of materials presented can range from the FAAs annual budget, to airspace incident ratesfrom the number of people flying to the numbers of commercial space transportation launches and unmanned aircraft systems.

Much of the data, prior to the posting of Fact Book, could be found in various locations on the website, but today, the Fact Book materials and data are largely located in one location on the FAA website.

In addition, the data is sourced for accuracy and dated as to when the materials were last amended. Officially, the document is intended to be updated monthly, however, some data, such as the FAA budget for example, is displayed yearly. There is however some information, such as certain numbers relating to Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or drones, that may actually be presented in a monthly format.

It is the FAAs hope that with the return of The Administrators Fact Book, you will use this valuable aviation resource.

Source: FAAThe Administrator's Fact Book is Back

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