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Testing the new Jazz weight and balance app

Jazz WB

Jazz W&B

The Jazz Weight and Balance app offers plenty of customization options.

There are plenty of options for computing weight and balance on the iPad. Whether it’s an integrated app (like ForeFlight’s built-in tool) or a standalone app (like Aviation W&B), pilots have no excuse for failing to compute gross weight and CG before every flight. One of the more recent entrants in the market is called Jazz Weight and Balance, which offers a powerful and polished app for pilots of almost any general aviation airplane.

To stand out, a good weight and balance app has to go beyond just green and red lights. The whole point of a weight and balance app is that it should save time compared to the pen and paper way – any app that doesn’t meet this goal isn’t worth the storage space it takes.

Jazz passes this test with some smart features:

  • Easy-to-read graphical reports: at a glance you can tell whether you’re within the envelope, and how the CG changes throughout flight.
  • Save flights: this is a basic feature, but one that many apps neglect. This makes it easy to check your numbers in just a few seconds by pulling up a previously flown trip. This is perfect for flight instructors, corporate pilots or anyone with a regular route.
  • Built-in profiles: the app includes pre-loaded profiles for many Cessna 150 and 172 models, which is a time-saver.
  • Powerful profile builder: if your aircraft isn’t pre-loaded, it’s easy to create one. This includes all kinds of settings, like zero fuel weight, max ramp weight and multiple fuel tanks.
  • Sharing options: you can compute weight and balance on your phone, then review it on your tablet with the fast, wireless sync option. You can also email a PDF copy of your calculations, or print it. Again, basic options, but left out of many other weight and balance apps.

The company partnered with the Vermont Flight Academy and Vermont Technical College’s Aviation Degree Program, and the pilot input is noticeable. Adjusting weights (for example, for the pilot or fuel) can be done by typing in the number or using the sliding tool. We found typing to be fastest on the ground, but using the slider bars to be ideal for the cockpit.

Jazz wb landscape

Overall, this is a polished and impressive app. There are, as always, a few minor complaints: creating a new flight doesn’t auto-fill the distance, the list of built-in profiles omits a number of very popular models, and it wasn’t immediately obvious that stored flights were only shown when you had selected the proper airplane. None of these are deal-breakers, though, and we can recommend Jazz as a good option.

The app costs $9.99 (one time) and can be downloaded on the iTunes App Store.

Source: Ipad appsTesting the new Jazz weight and balance app

Legacy Flight Training moves to new location at Piper HQ

Legacy Flight Training, Inc. Owners Bill & Diane Inglis in front of new Vero Beach training center.

Legacy Flight Training has moved its Vero Beach, Florida, base of operations to a new training facility on-site at the Piper Aircraft headquarters.

The new training facility houses the existing Meridian and Mirage/Matrix simulators and offers space for additional simulators in the future, company officials note.

Legacy Flight Training, Inc. Owners Bill & Diane Inglis in front of new Vero Beach training center.

Legacy Flight Training, Inc. Owners Bill & Diane Inglis in front of new Vero Beach training center.

The new location at Vero Beach Municipal Airport (KVRB) also provides room for additional and larger classrooms, allowing for expansion of training services, officials add.

“Legacy Flight Training enjoyed our first five years of operations in the Vero Beach Terminal Building, but had definitely outgrown the space,” said Bill Inglis, president of Legacy Flight Training. “Our new facility on-site at Piper has been designed with an eye towards growth. With this additional space, we’ll be in a position to quickly add additional simulators and training tools, as well as additional classrooms.”

Legacy Flight Training1Legacy Flight Training is an Authorized Piper Training Center, is FAASTeam approved and insurance company approved. Training is provided by staff with PA-46 specific experience at facilities in Vero Beach, Florida, and in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comLegacy Flight Training moves to new location at Piper HQ

Scheduled Maintenance for UAS Registration System

January 15– The Federal Aviation Administrations (FAA) Small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) registry will be unavailable from 10 p.m. to midnight, EST on Saturday, January 16 due to scheduled maintenance.

The agency reminds owners who previously operated an unmanned aircraft exclusively as a model aircraft prior to December 21, 2015 they must register no later than February 19, 2016. Owners of any other UAS purchased for use as a model aircraft after December 21, 2015 must register before operating the first flight outdoors.

Time is running out for owners to register for free. Owners who register before midnight EST on January 21 will receive a refund for the $5 registration fee. The registration website will initially charge the owners credit card the $5 fee, but a credit will appear in approximately 7-10 business days.

To register, visit the the UAS Registration page.

Source: FAAScheduled Maintenance for UAS Registration System

Aircraft Spruce offers Zeftronics Alternator control units


Now available from Aircraft Spruce are the Zeftronics Alternator Control Units.

The R15VOL Alternator Controller Unit provides high voltage regulation, over voltage protection, field to ground short protection, and an on-unit trouble-shooting light, according to company officials.

zeftronics-07-17988Aircraft owners and mechanics can use the controller to identify if power is getting to the Alternator Control Unit.

The R15VOL simplifies electrical charging system wiring while reducing trouble shooting time and improving the operation of the alternator system, company officials note.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comAircraft Spruce offers Zeftronics Alternator control units

Epic Adds Konect Aviation To Their FBO Network

New Fuel Provider At McMinnville (OR) Municipal Airport (KMMV) Epic welcomes Konect Aviation at McMinnville (OR) Municipal Airport (KMMV) as the newest Epic FBO Network location. As an Epic branded location, Konect Aviation will be accepting the globally accepted Epic Card and will award Bravo Rewards points on all fueling purchases.
Source: aero newsEpic Adds Konect Aviation To Their FBO Network

NTSB unveils Most Wanted List

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Transportation Safety Board unveiled its 2016 Most Wanted List of transportation safety improvements Jan. 13, calling it a “road map from lessons learned to lives saved.”

The list focuses on 10 broad safety improvements on which the NTSB has made recommendations that have not yet been implemented. One of those items is preventing inadvertent spins and stalls within the general aviation community – the worst safety problem facing general aviation.

While airlines have become very safe, safety progress has slowed in the less widely understood world of general aviation, NTSB officials noted.

Several items on the list demonstrate the importance of technology in saving lives, preventing accidents and lessening the number and severity of injuries from accidents.

For example, the list calls for promoting both the availability of collision avoidance technology in highway vehicles, and the completion of rail safety initiatives to prevent accidents. The list also calls for strengthening occupant protection in all modes of transportation, including laws mandating primary enforcement of seatbelt use, and age-appropriate child restraints.

Distraction (especially from portable electronic devices) and fatigue continue to be serious safety issues in all modes of transportation, according to NTSB officials.

The list also notes that undiagnosed and untreated medical conditions have caused or contributed to accidents and calls for operators and regulators to require medical fitness for duty.

Impairment is also an issue in all modes of transportation. The NTSB has recommended lowering the legal limit on blood alcohol content to .05 to reduce deaths and injuries on highways. However, drugs other than alcohol can also impair drivers and operators of other types of vehicles – whether these drugs are recreational, over-the-counter, or prescription.

“All of these most wanted transportation safety improvements are the result of our accident investigations,” NTSB officials noted in a press release. “Our most powerful tool to learn safety lessons from accidents is data recorders. Thus, the list calls for their increased use in all modes of transportation.”

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comNTSB unveils Most Wanted List

ADS-B Traffic 101

ADS-B Traffic 101 2016

Portable ADS-B receivers for the iPad (like the Garmin GDL 39 and the Stratus 2S) can receive ADS-B traffic in addition to weather. But unlike weather, which is broadcast continuously, traffic is only transmitted in response to specific prompts. This can make ADS-B traffic very confusing–when does it work and when doesn’t it work?

To help, we’ve created this series of graphics, which shows three common scenarios:

ADS-B Scenario 1

Graphic 1: The most likely scenario, where you are flying with a portable ADS-B receiver, but do not have an ADS-B Out transponder installed in your panel. Here, you’ll receive any airplane that is transmitting ADS-B Out via air-to-air (no ground station required). Most airplanes do not have ADS-B Out, so this is fairly limited. You will not see regular, Mode C targets.

ADS-B Scenario 2Graphic 2: In this case, you are still flying with a portable ADS-B receiver and no ADS-B Out in your airplane, but you are close to another aircraft that is ADS-B Out equipped. In this case, that ADS-B Out airplane is waking up the ground station and is receiving a custom traffic picture for a 30 mile “hockey puck” around that airplane. If you are close enough to that airplane, your portable receiver can listen in on that traffic message. While you won’t get a complete traffic picture, you will get a better one, since the ground station transmits Mode C targets in addition to ADS-B targets.

ADS-B Scenario 3Graphic 3: This is the best possible case. You have an ADS-B Out transponder in your airplane, so you are transmitting out to the ground stations and creating your own “hockey puck” of traffic information. You’ll see all traffic within a 30 mile diameter and 3500 ft.

Here’s a helpful video showing ADS-B traffic in action in the ForeFlight app:

For more information:

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The complete graphic is below (click on the image for a larger view)

ADS-B Scenarios

Source: Ipad appsADS-B Traffic 101