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DeTect Puts a Drone Detector in Your Pocket

The anti-drone sector keeps growing and, alongside the explosion of new startups, a more subtle sub-industry is arising – drone detection. Think of this new tech surge as the difference between an automotive radar detector and a radar jammer (one will get you arrested). While anti-drone tech solutions tend to focus on downing or at […]

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Source: Quadcopter/Drone newsDeTect Puts a Drone Detector in Your Pocket

The Romance of One Six Right Endures

One Six Right

“One Six Right” – the much loved aviation documentary originally released in 2005 — has been re-released in Blu-ray format. The romance of the original has endured.

A recent viewing with my high school aged daughter Savannah produced, “I wish all my history classes were like this. This is interesting and entertaining.”

No doubt, the movie is a wonderfully produced — and entertaining — look at storied Van Nuys Airport in Southern California.

I flipped the movie case over to read, “An exhilarating documentary film that celebrates the unsung hero of aviation — the local airport — by tracing the life, history, and struggles of an airport icon: Southern California’s Van Nuys Airport. Featuring thrilling aerial photography and sweeping original score, the film dispels common misconceptions and opposed criticism of General Aviation airports. Through the love story of one airport, past to present, the film shares the timeless romance of flying with all ages.”

One Six Right Anniversary EditionAs the movie played on, the feeling of “for us” kept creeping into my head. There isn’t a pilot alive — or dead for that matter — who wouldn’t enjoy watching One Six Right.

But I’m not so sure “the film dispels common misconceptions and opposes criticism of General Aviation airports.”

A primary misconception of flying: It’s for rich people. How does One Six Right “counter” that misconception, by interviewing director Sydney Pollack and the impact his Citation X has on his work? To be fair, I understand the value, but I also drink the aviation Kool-aid. Not so much among our ground-bound brethren.

That critique aside, I enjoyed watching this anniversary edition of One Six Right the second time as I did the original more than a decade ago.

A re-viewing — or first time viewing — will do nothing less than reignite your desire to go flying.

And there is nothing wrong with that.


Source: http://generalaviationnews.comThe Romance of One Six Right Endures

Cessna Pilot Center iPad App Lets Pilots Download And Complete Lessons Online

Companion App Means Students Are Not Tied To Their Laptops For Courses Cessna Pilot Centers’ use of the latest technology gives pilots convenient access to their online courses on an iPad even when they are offline. The CPC Companion app, a free download from the Apple App Store, allows pilots to download lessons from their courses to their iPad.
Source: aero newsCessna Pilot Center iPad App Lets Pilots Download And Complete Lessons Online

FAA: Good Engine Maintenance Practices A Critical Safety Measure

Agency Says Pilots Should Work With Mechanics And Be Actively Involved In The Process The FAA and general aviation (GA) groups’ #FlySafe national safety campaign aims to educate the GA community on best practices in calculating and predicting aircraft performance, and in operating within established aircraft limitations.
Source: aero newsFAA: Good Engine Maintenance Practices A Critical Safety Measure

Falcon 8X Now EASA Approved

The Falcon 8X is now EASA-certified, Dassault Aviation announced this week, and FAA approval is expected to follow by the end of next month. The design, based on the company’s 7X, offers the longest range of any Falcon jet, up to 6,450 nautical miles, and the biggest cabin, almost 43 feet long. “Feedback from the operational trials — cabin comfort, air conditioning, and in particular cabin noise — was excellent,” said Olivier Villa, senior vice president at Dassault Aviation Civil Aircraft.
Source: avwebFalcon 8X Now EASA Approved

NTSB Reminds Pilots To Report Weather

It might seem that in an age of instant online weather, the need for pilot reports, or pireps, would be a thing of the past, but that’s far from true, according to a recent NTSB forum. “Pireps done right have enormous untapped potential to make aviation safer for pilots, passengers, and people on the ground,” said board member Robert Sumwalt, in opening remarks. The two-day forum gathered a panel of experts to explore the status of the FAA’s pireps system and share ideas for improving it.
Source: avwebNTSB Reminds Pilots To Report Weather