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Airliner Crashes At Russian Airport; At Least 60 Dead

A FlyDubai Boeing 737 crashed tonight while landing at the Rostov-on-Don airport in southern Russia. All on board, at least 60 people, are feared dead, according to news reports. The jet crashed about 3:50 a.m. local time just off the runway during a second approach to the airport in low visibility and high winds, international media is reporting.
Source: avwebAirliner Crashes At Russian Airport; At Least 60 Dead

Ask Paul: SI creates confusion about exhaust valve

Q: I recently purchased a high hour O-320-A1A in an RV-3. The rocker arms were out of limits and I had them rebushed and sized.

The description for the exhaust valve is confusing on Lycoming Service Instruction No. 1451A. Under the cautionary note, the exhaust valve is “identified by the oil drain hole located under the valve end.”

However, the hole that I see is located under the push rod end.

I know I removed the rocker arm with the hole from the exhaust valve, but I do not see how the oil from this hole will lubricate the valve.

This is all probably moot since the engine has been running for 2,200 hours.

Mark Albert

A: Mark, you are correct. The explanation regarding how the valve tip gets its oil can be somewhat confusing.

The oil to lubricate the valve tip/rocker arm foot is done by gravity feed and the hole you mentioned allows the oil coming from the pushrod to flow towards the valve tip. This is not a pressure oil area, but simply gravity feed.

As you may know, Lycoming has superceded the 69444 and 74636 rocker arms, which is covered in the Lycoming Service Instruction 1454A rather than SI 1451A that you referred to.

The change in the rocker arms was a result of ease of manufacturing and reducing the overall number of rocker arms in the system.

Producing more common parts that can be used on a variety of engines has been a goal of Lycoming’s in an effort to control and hopefully reduce manufacturing costs, which certainly will help all of us in the long run.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comAsk Paul: SI creates confusion about exhaust valve

Reaction Generally Positive To Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill

Groups Weigh In On The Proposed Legislation Passed By Senate Commerce Committee Wednesday Several key aviation groups have weighed in on the Senate version of the FAA reauthorization bill passed Wednesday by the Senate Commerce Committee. The bill has been sent to the full Senate for consideration.
Source: aero newsReaction Generally Positive To Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill

FAA Covers Airshow ATC Costs Under Bill Amendment

The government would cover the costs of air traffic control and related safety services at aviation events, under an amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill that was approved by a Senate committee this week. If approved as part of the bill, the amendment would turn back the FAA’s practice in recent years to bill airshows including EAA AirVenture and Sun ‘n Fun for ATC expenses.
Source: avwebFAA Covers Airshow ATC Costs Under Bill Amendment