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Wanted: Pilot Tips on … Airshows and fly-ins

Gene Soucy Night Airshow

What advice would you give to pilots who have never flown into SUN ‘n FUN or AirVenture before? How can they best prepare, not just for flying in, but surviving the show in style?

What are the can’t-miss airshows and fly-ins?

You can add your tips and advice on the form below. You can even upload a photo taken at an airshow or fly-in.

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Source: http://generalaviationnews.comWanted: Pilot Tips on … Airshows and fly-ins

New iOS Update Green Light program

iOS update green light

Apple recently released iOS 9.2.1 for iPhone and iPad, making it the first software update for 2016. While it may be tempting to perform iOS updates as soon as they’re available, we continue to caution pilots to hold off until confirming your primary aviation EFB app and GPS/ADS-B accessory is fully compatible with the new iOS. You only have to look back to last summer when iOS 8.3 introduced a bug that prevented external GPS accessories from working with just about every iPad navigation app on the market.

To help you decide the best time to update your device, we’re adding a new feature to iPad Pilot News called the iOS Update Green Light program. This will display status indicators based on recommendations from the leading aviation app and GPS manufacturers regarding compatibility with iOS software updates.

The recent iOS 9.2.1 update mainly focused on under-the-hood enhancements and did not cause any app or accessory compatibility issues. We have confirmed compatibility with the major app and accessory companies, and our own personal flying backs it up. It’s OK to update.

IPN iOS 9.2.1 final

Source: Ipad appsNew iOS Update Green Light program

House Appropriators Voice Opposition To Privatized ATC Funded With User Fees

NBAA Praises Letter From House Appropriations Committee Leadership To Speaker, Minority Leader, Others A bipartisan letter from House appropriators has been sent to the leaders of both parties in the full House which expresses the legislators’ opposition to plans under consideration for creating a privatized air traffic control (ATC) system funded with user fees.
Source: aero newsHouse Appropriators Voice Opposition To Privatized ATC Funded With User Fees

One Fatally Injured In Flight Training Accident Near Houston, TX

Plane Went Down At Arcola, TX Airport, Student Survives An instructor pilot was fatally injured Monday when the 2007 Tecnam P92 Echo Super he and a student were aboard went down at Houston-Southwest Regional Airport in Arcola, TX south of Houston. The student survived the takeoff accident, managing to free himself from the burning airplane.
Source: aero newsOne Fatally Injured In Flight Training Accident Near Houston, TX

NTSB: Citation Jet Broke Up In Flight

A Cessna Citation 525 twin-engine jet broke up in flight while maneuvering near Cedar Fork, Utah, the NTSB says in a preliminary report now posted online. The pilot and passenger both were killed. The CJ3 took off from Salt Lake City International Airport about 9:50 in the morning on Jan. 18, headed for Tucson International Airport. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot called ATC to report a failure in the flight management system, and said he needed to fly straight ahead and climb while he tried to program the backup FMS.
Source: avwebNTSB: Citation Jet Broke Up In Flight