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FAA Proposes GA Revitalization Rule

The FAA today proposed a new rule that aims to fundamentally change the way small general aviation airplanes are certified, potentially reducing the time required to bring new technology to the market and also cutting costs. The new rule replaces the current prescriptive design requirements in Part 23 with performance-based standards that maintain the same level of safety. The changes aim to “leverage innovation to ensure the highest level of safety is designed and built into small airplanes,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “This proposal would benefit manufacturers, pilots, and the general aviation community as a whole.”
Source: avwebFAA Proposes GA Revitalization Rule

Pictures of the day: Backcountry flying in Alaska


David Baldwin sent in these photos of him flying his 2014 Series 7 Kitfox in Chugiak, Alaska, taken by a Sony camera mounted on the wing.

The top photo shows the mountains near Knik Glacier in Alaska, with an indication of the end of summer with “Termination Dust” showing up on the mountains.

“No one wants to admit that summer is over by saying the word ‘snow’ (a four letter word), so we use the words Termination Dust instead,” he explained.



Source: http://generalaviationnews.comPictures of the day: Backcountry flying in Alaska

The real cost of a cheap annual

Chris Collins


You’ve found a really cheap IA who is going to complete the annual inspection on your Cessna 172 for about $600 cash. You think it’s a great deal!

He will point out a few things you might need and some ADs that are due. Then he will kick the tires, pull on the wings, and in three days you will be flying again.

You have a fresh annual and “Joe Inspector” has new money in his pocket.

Chris Collins

Chris Collins

This scenario plays out in thousands of small aircraft shops throughout the country every year.

While some aircraft owners frequent this type of service, it is a very dangerous way to maintain your aircraft. That’s right, I said AIRCRAFT!

Your pride and joy, the thing you dreamed about having as a kid! Hell, you begged your wife to take out a 40-year loan for it, and this is how you are going treat it?

First things first, I am in no way condoning people who choose to conduct business this way or the customers who choose to maintain their aircraft in this manner.

The real question here is why? Why would you want to cut corners? Is it just to save a few bucks? I don’t believe this is a good enough answer.

Photo by Greg L. Davis

Photo by Greg L. Davis

The next time you’re heading to the ramp to go on a weekend trip with your wife or grandkids, look at them and ask yourself, “What if something happened in flight that was a direct cause of slacked maintenance?”

We all know that accidents happen, but wouldn’t you want to be absolutely sure that you did everything you could to prevent it?

Who is responsible for the damages when your aircraft loses control and skids into a building, destroying personal property — or worse, killing someone?

The truth is the real cost of that cheap annual can’t be counted.

Photo by Greg L. Davis

Photo by Greg L. Davis

Let’s be clear: There are some great IAs out there who do good maintenance at a fair price, but there are some who cut corners.

Do yourself a favor and find a reliable and reasonable repair station. Most repair stations will be higher in price initially, but if they continue to service your aircraft each year, they will get a baseline for what needs to be repaired and what can wait.

Repair stations are very thorough with regards to inspections and you can feel at ease knowing that your aircraft is receiving top level maintenance.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comThe real cost of a cheap annual

New Capabilities Added To Lynx NGT-9000 Model

eTAWS And ADS-B Aural Traffic Alerting Now Available The FAA has granted TSO authorization to L-3 Aviation Products (L-3 AP) for the additional capabilities of a Class B embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System (eTAWS) option and an ADS-B Traffic Advisory System (ATAS) aural alerting option on its Lynx NGT-9000. The Lynx NGT-9000 is an ADS-B touchscreen transponder that is also capable of displaying traffic and weather data.
Source: aero newsNew Capabilities Added To Lynx NGT-9000 Model

Joint Flight Trial Marks Milestone For SESAR

European Collaboration Demonstrates Use Of Existing Satellite Communication Systems For Enhanced Air Traffic Management SESAR members together with partners and the European Space Agency’s Iris Precursor have carried out a joint flight trial, successfully demonstrating that existing satellite technology systems are a viable option for air traffic services datalink.
Source: aero newsJoint Flight Trial Marks Milestone For SESAR