Fly Safe Focus: Pilot and Mechanic Roles and Responsibilities

WASHINGTONThis months Fly Safe campaign topic looks at the importance of understanding pilot, owner and mechanic roles and responsibilities when servicing an aircraft.

Although pilots and aircraft owners rely on mechanics to maintain and inspect their aircraft, the owner or operator is ultimately responsible for airworthiness. Pilots and owners should be proactive in their approach to maintenance, understand airworthiness responsibilities, and know the value of proper maintenance documentation and effective communication with their mechanics and repair shops.

Read more on this important topic on the FAA blog, Cleared for Takeoff.

The FAA launched the #FlySafe national safety campaign in partnership with general aviation groups to help educate general aviation pilots and mechanics about safety topics. Topics are shared monthly with a goal of incorporating safety into every flight.

Source: FAAFly Safe Focus: Pilot and Mechanic Roles and Responsibilities

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