Video tips

As we explore more ways to capture our love of aviation we like to video a lot of the events we attend all over. As we explore new equipment and ways to capture every aspect of our adventures we will update some of the equipment and methods we use to capture our content. As the site progresses we will be adding more equipment to try to capture the best quality we can. The inflight video is becoming more popular and we have started adding it to our site.

Here is a list of our current equipment for capturing video and audio.

The list of Gopro’s include the Hero3+, 4, 5 We also have a Garmin Virb ultra 30 on our list. we will be using the Garmin editing software for the GPS data. The main reason for choosing this one was because it works with our GoPro mounts and the software creates a better picture for the GPS data. Be careful as the data is not as accurate as the gauges in the cockpit. We take a lot of criticism on the data from the virb and or GoPro.

Various GoPro¬† cameras for the cockpit and close in work. GoPro’s do a good job at filtering the prop. we also use various mounts inside and outside.


Sony Handycam 4K for airshows and aircraft in flight. Be advised use the zoom sparingly as every time you use it that decreases the amount of useful footage. We have added a Sony a6100 to our growing list.

For audio we have.

We have various inputs for the cameras as well as the Sony camera we are testing now.

Editing is done using Final cut pro X along with Garmin.