Video tips

As we explore more ways to capture our love of aviation we like to video a lot of the events we attend and will be doing interviews with instructors and aviators all over Ohio. As we explore new equipment and ways to capture every aspect of our adventures we will update some of the equipment and methods we use to capture our content. As the site progresses we will be adding more equipment to try to capture the best quality we can.


Here is a list of our current equipment for capturing video and audio.

Various Gopro  cameras for the cockpit and close in work. Prop filters are a must for the cockpit if your filming in flight.  Nflightcam makes a kit for aviation including a case and some mounts.


Sony Handycam 4K for airshows and aircraft in flight. Be advised use the zoom sparingly as every time you use it that decreases the amount of useful footage.

Cannon 70D for great pictures and videos of aircraft in the pattern or performing .

For audio we have.

Tascam DR-40 4 Track handheld digital audio recorder.

shotgun mic for multi use.

Editing is done using Cyberlink power director 13.



For aviators in Ohio. Check out our events page for fly-ins and airshow's.