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The airport in the middle of nowhere

For people in some American towns, the value of a local airport might come into sharp focus only when a disaster cuts the roads and rails. But in the remote reaches of northeast Montana, particularly in the town of Glasgow, isolation is a fact of daily life that is embraced by those who live there, just as they also embrace the local airport—even those who aren’t exactly fond of flying. And there are a few good reasons that those of us with airplanes at our disposal might want to drop by and visit the community that was recently declared, by one of America’s most prominent newspapers, no less, the carefully calculated “middle of nowhere.”

Source: aopaThe airport in the middle of nowhere

Maryland pilots urged to support tax-and-jobs bill

AOPA is urging members in Maryland to contact their members of the General Assembly to advocate passage of Senate Bill S.212, a bill that would exempt materials, parts, or equipment used to repair, maintain, or upgrade aircraft or aircraft avionics systems from sales and use tax—creating jobs and helping the state’s aircraft maintenance companies compete with rivals in other states.

Source: aopaMaryland pilots urged to support tax-and-jobs bill

JSfirm.com survey predicts aviation industry growth

After analyzing hundreds of aviation industry survey responses, aviation jobs site JSfirm.com predicted 2018 would see a doubling of aviation industry job growth compared to 2017. Seventy-one percent of the 387 companies that responded to the firm’s Hiring Trends Survey projected “moderate to significant growth,” compared to 33 percent that responded similarly in 2017.

Source: aopaJSfirm.com survey predicts aviation industry growth

Aviation professor bridges real, artificial worlds

Western Michigan College of Aviation associate professor Lori Brown harnessed the advantages of augmented reality technology to make learning come alive for aviation students. She designed a virtual but realistic holographic learning system called JetXplore through a partner spotlight program with Microsoft so students could see, touch, and feel the aircraft systems they studied in class.

Source: aopaAviation professor bridges real, artificial worlds