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pilot five years in the making.

After five long years I am finally a pilot. I started back in the summer of 2013 took 2014-15 off because sometimes life gets in the way. In 2016 I spent the summer in a couple different champs. Just when i was almost ready to solo my instructor was fired ( apparently you need to have fuel in the aircraft to take a student up, who knew ). I was passed around to 3 different instructors not making any progress. Here comes 2017 and I am so ready to get serious about getting my pilot license . Spent what little time I had training if the weather cooperated. With my work schedule changing I was working six days a week it was difficult to get to lessons. I was working close to sixty hours most weeks and more than 70 during around the holidays. Training on Sunday and holidays ( weather permitting) put a damper on my training. A personality conflict between me and my instructor did not help. I had to spend a lot of time looking at Youtube and recalling what my first instructor taught me.

Landing Moraine I73

To pass my written I used a downloadable course for my iPad. I have to say it was one of my best investments. My advice is to pick a course that suits your style of learning. I am not a very good student nor do I learn vary fast so I used a combination of books and online courses to pass, I might add I scored much better than I expected. I almost gave up a couple time but listening to some pod casts and a few Youtuber’s helped get me past the self doubt. Listening to podcasts such as stuck mike, airplane geeks, why we fly, pilot to pilot and Aviator cast helped me over the hump. There is some fantastic ways to stay engaged in aviation and your training. Youtube is also a good resource if you are having trouble grasping a subject. This is an amazing journey so far and I have much more to learn.

Video camera in the airplane how to.

The camera or cameras in the cockpit you use to capture your video can vary widely depending on the individual user. We use an odd assortment of types styles and brands to capture the footage. We have everything from HD to 4k mounted in various locations or handheld. We have in our collection Canon, GoPro, Garmin, Sony and even a few things shot on iPhone.  All can record in HD or 4K so it comes down to the software you use for editing your footage.

garmin Virb Ultra 30

Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Hero 3

Hero 6


I use a few different mounts to attach my cameras to the aircraft and honestly I would say that it takes less than a handful to make good videos. As far as I am concerned the only mounts you really need are a couple suction cup mounts for inside, a tiedown and strut mount for the exterior. I rent the aircraft from the school where I fly so there are limits to what I can do, I also have some inspection covers with mounts on them that work great. For inside I use the suction cup mounts from GoPro.

EAA fly in Moraine

One of my favorite activities is going to a fly in. every year you can find a few fly-ins at local airports around the state and country. This one is a fundraiser for the EAA chapter on the field, you just never know who or what will show up. We have decided to use personal YouTube channels to allow others to add content. If you have a channel and would like to contribute shoot an email to


Private Pilot License

With work obligations life and weather getting in the way I have spent the last 4 years learning to be a private pilot. It was and still is a long road and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have completed almost every test and requirement leading up to my final check ride for my private pilot certificate. I think the foundation laid by my first instructor at a small flight school on Clinton county Airport (I66) has served me well on my journey. I have had no less than seven different instructors but the basics and the foundation laid by my first instructor has gotten me to where I am now, you might be thinking where is that and I will tell you I am around 4 hours and 10 landings away from being ready for my check ride from an FAA examiner. There are a slew of required tests knowledge and maneuvers including but not limited to weather, aircraft, systems, performance, airports and regulations that must be learned or demonstrated for your final check ride. I have enjoyed and learned from almost every lesson and solo flight I have had on my journey to becoming a private pilot. The requirements have and are changing slightly so as to make newer pilots safer after they achieve the coveted PPL. In my journey I have had instruction in a Cessna 150 and 172 along with Champion model 7.

Bob Hoover a legand

He was one of the pilots other pilots held in high regards. Bob Hoovers accomplishments and his contributions to aviation are legendary.

Bob Hoover, called the greatest stick and rudder pilot of all time by Gen. Jimmy Doolitte, died Oct. 25 at his home in Southern California. He was 94.

Born Jan. 24, 1922 in Nashville, Hoover learned to fly at Berry Field while working at a grocery store to pay for lessons. At 18, he enlisted in the Tennessee National Guard and was sent for pilot training with the Army.

During World War II, his first major assignment was test flying aircraft in Casablanca to ensure they were ready for service. He then was assigned to the 52nd Fighter Group in Sicily, flying Spitfires.


Bob Hoover
Bob Hoover