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What’s new in WingX Pro

What's new wingx

December tends to be an extra busy month in the app store as developers scramble to ship out their final release for the year. We’ve seen just about every EFB developer release a new version in the past few weeks, and WingX Pro is no exception. There have actually been 2 updates to the app recently, which focus on moving map enhancements, support for additional ADS-B receivers and bug fixes. Let’s take a look at the highlights here.

Sectional Overlay Support

WingX Pro now allows you to add supplemental VFR charts as a separate layer on top of Sectional Charts. Options include Terminal Area Charts (TACs), Helicopter Routes, Helicopter Gulf Coast, Grand Canyon GA and Grand Canyon Tour charts. These can be toggled on or off in the VFR Sectional options menu, which is accessed from the View button at the bottom of the moving map screen.

2015-12-21 18.19.22

IFR Enroute terrain underlay

Another new feature allows you to display terrain as an “underlay” beneath IFR enroute charts. This adds some basic color shading to the IFR enroute charts, replacing the default solid white background. This allows you to more easily identify coastlines when flying near the ocean when relying on these charts for IFR navigation.

2015-12-21 18.21.37

Dual XGPS190 support

The latest version of the app supports the new Dual XGPS 190 ADS-B receiver. This upgraded model from Dual builds on the features of the XGPS 170 and adds a dual-band traffic receiver (both 978 and 1090 MHz), along with an integrated Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS).

The addition of the 1090 MHz band allows the app/receiver combo to show the location of other aircraft with a 1090 MHz ADS-B out transponder, which is useful when flying near busy airline airports or up in the flight levels. The integrated AHRS in the Dual XGPS 190 provides the attitude and synthetic vision display with realistic pitch and bank information in WingX Pro.

Miscellaneous improvements

WingX Pro7 version 8.6.2 includes several other improvements as well:

  • Includes NORAD intercept procedures
  • Timer enhancements: Added Reset button to count up timer
  • ADS-B traffic filtering options
  • Enhancements to moving map for optimized terrain rendering

You can check out WingX Pro7 here in the app store.

Source: Ipad appsWhat’s new in WingX Pro

Pictures of the day: Iowa photo contest

Kids in Aviation First Place Tesha Huffaker

Every year, the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation holds an Aviation Photography Contest. Winning photos from the 2015 Iowa Aviation Photography Contest have been posted to the Iowa DOT’s Office of Aviation website, with a few included below:

Classic Aircraft First Place Jeanie Jordan

Classic Aircraft, First Place, Jeanie Jordan

Flight Training, first place Heidi McGuire

Flight Training, First Place, Heidi McGuire

Fly-Ins and Airshows First PLace Matt Lundberg

Fly-Ins and Airshows, First Place, Matt Lundberg

General Aviation, Third Place, Tesha Huffaker

Kids in Aviation First Place Tesha Huffaker

Kids in Aviation, First Place, Tesha Huffaker

Most Creative First Place Tesha Huffaker

Most Creative, First Place, Tesha Huffaker

According to Iowa aviation officials, “the contest is a fun activity that documents aviation activity occurring in Iowa.”

Winning entrants receive a custom framed certificate and their photos are featured on the web and used for efforts that promote aviation in Iowa.

Rules for the 2016 contest are already online, as well as the introduction of a video contest for next year.

Entrants will be able to enter up to three videos with an Iowa connection. Videos can be five seconds to five minutes in length and should be submitted as YouTube links.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comPictures of the day: Iowa photo contest

Fighting off boredom

1947 Stinson 108 at 2015 Antique Airfield Association fly-in.

Chuck and Shannon Avon attended the 2015 Blakesburg Fly-In. When Chuck came across Sparky Barnes Sargent’s story on the fly-in on the General Aviation News website, he called me to buy a copy of the print edition with that story. His Stinson 108 was in the “sunset” photo at the end of the online story. Sadly, we didn’t have space in the print edition for the photo he was interested in.

All was not lost though. Chuck proceeded to tell me about the Stinson 108 in the photo, how they found it, rebuilt and flew it to Blakesburg for the fly-in.

“The story begins with getting laid off for the winter,” started Chuck. They wanted a project to keep them from boredom. Both he and his wife Shannon are pilots and both like old planes. “We already had a two-place 1940 Taylorcraft so a four-place made sense to us,” continued Chuck. “We also wanted a taildragger, so the 108 Stinsons were on the top of the list.” 

N8713K showed up on Trade-A-Plane. After a few calls a tentative price was agreed on. On Jan. 17, 2014, Chuck and a friend, Roeland De Koning, headed to Chillicothe, Ohio, to pick up the airplane and trailer it home.

“On the way up we hit a snowstorm, but still made it by noon on the 17th,” he recalled. “After seeing the airplane we re-negotiated the price.”

Cold temperatures made disassembly tough. But the pair arrived safely back home to Hohenwald, Tenn., around 2:30 am on Jan. 19.

“Once we got the Stinson unloaded and put in the garage, we started the year-long project of bringing it back to a flying airplane,” said Chuck. “One year to the day of bringing it home, N8713K taxied under her own power for the first time in over 23 years. She flew again for the first time the following weekend.”

“Everything, except the engine, needed something done to it,” said Chuck. “The 150-hp Franklin has just 230-something hours on it. We have put about 35 hours on it, including the trip to AAA in Blakesburg Iowa.”

In fact, the engine used just 1/2 quart of oil in 1,100 miles on the AAA fly-in excursion.



What the Stinson looked like in its Ohio hangar home in January 2014.




Chuck Avon (left) and Roeland De Koning with the 1947 Stinson 108 on the trailer and ready for the snowy drive home.


Mouse nests filled one of the wings.



Four coats of paint were stripped.


Fuselage was cleaned and painted.


Fuselage was cleaned and painted. Instrument panel coming together.



Interior panels received new upholstery.


Primed parts.


Freshly covered seats re-installed.


Metal parts were moved into the living room so fuselage covering could start.



The Stinson 108 fuselage at primer stage.


Fuselage base coat complete.


A pop of color on the fuselage.



Cold weather dictated the wings be covered in the house.


Chuck and Shannon used Stewart Systems. “With no bad smell, we were able to work on the covering process in the house.”


Wings are back in the shop taking final paint and stripes.



All parts together at the airport, awaiting re-assembly.


On Jan. 17, 2015, the Stinson 108 moved under its own power for the first time since February 1995.



At the Antique Aircraft Association Fly-In Sept. 2-7, 2015.

Chuck was quick to point out the Stinson 108 isn’t a showplane.

“We are leaving for Arizona in February in the Stinson,” he said.

It’s a flyer. And safe to say, boredom has yet to set in.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comFighting off boredom

Survey finds airshows a great way to attract next generation of pilots

The popular AeroShell Aerobatic Team is just one of many popular airshow performers whose aircraft could be powered by ethanol-free autogas. (photo courtesy EAA)

Nearly 10% of the estimated 11 million to 12 million people who attend airshows each year have a pilot’s license.

Another 39.5% say they are considering taking flying lessons, according to the most recent airshow spectator survey from the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS).

The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team are favorites at airshows.

The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team are favorites at airshows.

“Airshows and the experiences young people have at airshows are a driving force behind attracting the next generation of pilots,” said ICAS President John Cudahy. “With 14% of adult airshow spectators between the ages of 18 and 25, the industry can clearly influence whether someone decides to explore aviation as a career.”

“There are dozens of stories in the airshow industry about someone seeing a particular pilot or performance and that experience driving them toward an aviation career,” Cudahy continued. “Extraordinary, memorable experiences have influence. Seeing … any of our industry’s top pilots do what they do at airshows can certainly make a person thinking about becoming a pilot take the next step into aviation.”

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comSurvey finds airshows a great way to attract next generation of pilots

‘Considerable accomplishments’ at KJKA recognized

GULF SHORES, Alabama — Mayor Robert Craft and the City Council of Gulf Shores recently recognized the Gulf Shores Airport Authority for “considerable accomplishments“ at Jack Edwards National Airport (KJKA).

Craft cited “reaching its goal of self-sufficiency, new private developments, resolving land use issues” as “ some of the reasons this board needs to be recognized.”

Projects referenced include a new heavy aircraft parking apron and new private developments totaling more than $11 million in new construction.

Airport Manager Scott Fuller noted that the Platinum Air Center and Gulf Air Center projects represent “the type of operations we can partner with to transition the airport from a historically resort destination to more of an economic generator for the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach area.”

Platinum is building a 26,000-square-foot hangar/terminal adjacent to the new aircraft apron. Gulf Air Center is building a new 32,000-square-foot hangar/office and a new T-Hangar facility adjacent to its current operations.

Fuller also noted that “by transferring property to the city which could not be developed for aviation use, we were able to create a seed fund for construction of the new airport control tower.”

Also underway is the design of an on-airport aircraft rescue and firefighting station, currently in progress.

Congressman Bradley Byrne took part in a groundbreaking ceremony for the new facilities at the airport on Nov. 20.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.com‘Considerable accomplishments’ at KJKA recognized

Pearl Harbor survivors join Triple Ace Bud Anderson at Pacific Aviation Museum gala

HONOLULU — More than a dozen Pearl Harbor and World War II survivors joined 750 guests, and Triple Ace Fighter Pilot and Congressional Gold Medal recipient Col. Clarence “Bud” Anderson at this year’s ninth annual Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor Anniversary Gala, Dec. 5.

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor's 9th Anniversary Gala (PRNewsFoto/Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl...)

Themed, “For Love of Country — Pass It On,” the evening “remembered the past, honored the present and, hopefully, inspired the future for our guests while raising funds for the museum’s education and restoration programs,” said Executive Director Kenneth DeHoff.

Music, dining, lots of lighted airplanes, and special decor created an atmosphere that took one back in time, turning the museum’s 86,000-square-foot World War II Hangar 79 — its windows still riddled with bullet holes from the attack on Dec. 7, 1941 — into a 1940s ballroom.

Pearl Harbor Survivor CDR John Mathrusse was on Ford Island 12/7/41 (PRNewsFoto/Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl...)

Pearl Harbor Survivor CDR John Mathrusse.

The entertainment included American Flag Art Explosion by Speed Painter and Artist Michael Ostaski, and unveiling of a commemorative Nose Art emblem for Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor’s B-17 Swamp Ghost by Greg Coleman, VP of Worldwide Marketing & Franchise Management at Walt Disney Animation Studio, and a special performance by American Idol finalist and Hawaii favorite singer Jordon Segundo.

Swamp Ghost


Source: http://generalaviationnews.comPearl Harbor survivors join Triple Ace Bud Anderson at Pacific Aviation Museum gala

Diamond DA40 Tundra introduced


Diamond Aircraft has introduced the jet-fuel-powered DA40 Tundra designed for backcountry flying.


The four-seat cabin with folding rear seat backs, large forward opening canopy and rear door means plenty of room for fly fishing rods, guns, tents, skis, snowshoes, and even mountain bikes, according to company officials.

The all-composite airframe offers resistance to bumps and scrapes and stands up well in any environment, company officials noted. Reinforced landing gear attachments, standard Beringer wheels, and a special long stroke hydraulic damper, controlling the extra heavy duty extended nose gear strut, handle rough terrain, officials noted.


The DA40 TUNDRA is powered by the Austro AE300 jet-fuel piston engine. It sips less than 4 gph of jet fuel at loiter speeds, and offers sprightly climbs thanks to turbocharging that maintains full power to 14,000 feet, Diamond officials noted.

DA40_Tundra_Star_02It also features Garmin’s G1000 with GFC700 autopilot with Electronic Stability and Protection and Synthetic Vision Technology.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comDiamond DA40 Tundra introduced

Avflight adds location at KGUC

Avflight Corporation continues the expansion of its portfolio of FBOs with the addition of Avflight Gunnison at Crested Butte Regional Airport in Gunnison, Colorado.

“The acquisition of Gunnison Valley Aviation is a big win for Avflight,” said Carl Muhs, Avflight president. “We’ve long admired the exceptional service Gunnison Valley Aviation has provided its customers at KGUC. We knew it was a perfect fit as an Avflight location and are very excited to work with the airport, its personnel and the Gunnison County Commission.”

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comAvflight adds location at KGUC