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ADS-B Rebates Going, Going, Gone

WASHINGTON The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced today that all 20,000 rebates offered to general aviation aircraft owners to equip their aircraft with a new surveillance technology have been issued and are no longer available.

Aircraft owners who have already reserved their rebate, but not claimed it yet with installation, will be allotted the specified time needed to complete the requirements for the rebate.

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Out avionics will be required for aircraft flying in certain, controlled airspace. ADS-B is the state-of-the-art surveillance system that enables air traffic controllers to track aircraft with greater accuracy and reliability.

The FAA first launched the $500 ADS-B rebate program in September 2016 to encourage owners of fixed-wing, single engine piston aircraft to equip in advance of the Jan. 1, 2020 deadline and take advantage of the many benefits ADS-B offers. The FAA has reiterated that the deadline will not change.

For more information on ADS-B, visit our website.

Contact: Tammy Jones @ tammy.l.jones@faa.gov

Source: FAAADS-B Rebates Going, Going, Gone

Feature focus: Garmin Pilot’s emergency mode

Most of the major electronic flight bag apps long ago reach parity on key features: they all have detailed moving maps, pre-flight weather forecasts, altitude-specific terrain alerts, powerful flight planning tools, and much more. There are certainly important differences in how these features are implemented, but there haven’t been many truly new app features over the last year. One exception is Garmin Pilot’s Emergency Mode – it’s simple, but thoughtfully designed and very useful. Here’s how to use it.

How it works

In an emergency (engine failure, instrument failure, passenger medical issue), time is of the essence, so Emergency Mode is focused on decluttering and simplifying. To enter this mode, simply tap EMER from any page – it’s at the top right of every page.

If you have checklists configured for any of your saved aircraft, the app will automatically go to the split-view, with the map on one side of the screen and emergency checklists on the other. The Map page will darken, making it easy to visual identify nearby airports. Across the top of the screen, you’ll also see a list of nearby airports, sorted by distance from your airplane. If you have glide range configured, you’ll also see a real-item glide range ring around your location, showing which airports might be within gliding distance. With one tap, you have instant situational awareness.

After reviewing the big picture, you can then drill down on specific airports to evaluate which one is best. Tap on an airport button or location on the map and Garmin Pilot will zoom in on it, as well as show the course and distance.

You can tap on the airport again to review essential airport information, including runways, frequencies and weather.

After reviewing all the airport information, it’s time to head for an airport. From the airport drop-down menu, tap the D button to go from your present position directly to that airport.

You can even tap on an instrument procedure to overlay the chart on the map – a huge time-saver if you’re in IMC and need to shoot an approach. All this takes just three or four taps, so in seconds you can be headed to a nearby airport with the approach plate loaded.

Setup options

There isn’t much configuration to do with this feature – by default the feature is on. However, there are four settings to verify if you want to get the most utility out of Emergency Mode.

First, go to Settings -> General and specify your runway preferences. If you’re in a Cub, you can probably leave Runway Surface Type on “Any” and Minimum Runway Length at 0; in a Citation you may want to specify hard surface and 3000 feet.

Second, go to the bottom of the General page in Settings and consider whether you want to hide the EMER button when you’re not in the air. We like to leave this option selected off, but if you’d rather turn it off for preflight planning, slide the button right.

Then, go to the Aircraft page in Settings and make sure you have glide performance specified for each of the airplanes you fly. Tap on each airplane, then check the Glide settings under the Aircraft tab.

Finally, verify you have a checklist associated with the aircraft stored in your Garmin Pilot Profile. From the Aircraft section of the Settings section of the app, select the aircraft N#, the Checklist tab and then the option to “Import from Aircraft”. Garmin includes manufacturer checklist data for most GA aircraft, so it only takes a few taps to import and save this data to your aircraft profile.

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FAA Successfully Completes Final ADS-B Milestone

WASHINGTON The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) completed its final implementation milestone with Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B), the state-of-the-art surveillance system that enables air traffic controllers to track aircraft with greater accuracy and reliability.

The last two of the 155 airports to receive ADS-B, Akron-Canton Airport and Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport, both in Ohio, became operational last month.

This brings the operational rollout of ADS-B baseline services to a successful conclusion, on schedule and within budget, well in advance of Jan. 1, 2020, the date by which aircraft flying in certain, controlled airspace must be equipped with the technology.

ADS-B is now operational at air traffic control facilities across the country. These include airports, Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities, which handle busy airspace around airports, and en route facilities, which handle high altitude traffic. All are using ADS-B as the preferred source of surveillance, which provides improved situation awareness to both pilots and controllers, among many other benefits and improvements.

ADS-B also enables more accurate tracking of airplanes and airport vehicles on runways and taxiways, increasing safety and efficiency. The new system significantly improves surveillance capability in areas with geographic challenges, like mountains or over water. Airplanes equipped with ADS-B In, which is not mandated, give pilots information through cockpit displays about location in relation to other aircraft, bad weather and terrain, and temporary flight restrictions.

Source: FAAFAA Successfully Completes Final ADS-B Milestone

Fly Safe: Addressing GA Safety

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the general aviation (GA) communitys national #FlySafe campaign helps educate GA pilots about safety issues, including loss of control (LOC), powerplant failure, and controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).

Stay safe! Thisserieswill show you how you can incorporate safety into every flight.

Why Cant I Take That Medication?

You have a new prescription medicine. Or, maybe you just have a stuffy nose and picked up a decongestant at the drugstore. Why is it important to flying? And why are the medicines you take so important to your safety, and the safety of those who fly with you?

While medicines can help you feel better, they can also lessen your ability to think clearly or react quickly. Some drugs can really put a damper on your ability to control the aircraft. Others can impair your judgement and decision-making skills. You dont want either of these impairments when youre up in the air.

Theres also the matter of the condition that created your need for the medication. Are you sharing all of your medical conditions with your Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)? We understand why you may be hesitant to do so, since some medical conditions can prevent you from getting into the cockpit right away. However, once your AME knows the full story, he or she can work with you and the FAA to make sure you are flying safely.

First, youll need to do a full disclosure with your AME. Tell him or her what medications you are taking. Talk about your medical history. Find out if there are alternative treatment options that could allow you to keep flying. The bottom line: your AME needs to know the full story.

Over-the-Counter Danger

Some of the most common medications that can slow you down are antihistamines. You will find them in allergy medications. They are very good at making you sleepy, so much so that diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is often used as an over-the-counter sedative and is the sedating agent in most nighttime pain medications. You may think that these medications are innocent, but the NTSB finds that sedating antihistamines are the most commonly detected medications in fatal accidents.

The second most common are cardiovascular drugs, which include meds for high blood pressure. Some less common problem-makers include anti-diarrheal drugs, some of which contain opioids. Anti-seizure drugs, some smoking cessation drugs, and some antidepressants can be problematic too. If you take any of these, work with your AME to find other options that are not impairing or disqualifying. Chances are that those options are available.

Be aware also that the impact of a medication, prescription or OTC, can change with altitude and stress, so feeling fine on the ground is not a pass for taking it in flight.

Flight Instructor Role

If you are a flight instructor, it is critical that you communicate information on medication use. Your influence will likely have a lasting impact on your student. Be sure to take the time to properly cover this topic. Your students safety could depend on it.

Where Can I Get More Information?

This FAA Fact Sheet will give you a good overview.

Next, check out the AME Guide, which is where the FAA provides information on how different medications will affect your fitness for flight. You can also find some dont-fly times for some of those medications.

You can also find good information through trusted government sites, like the National Institute of Healths Medline Site.

Good information can be found in the FAAs Medications and Flying Safety brochure.

Check out the 57 Seconds to Safer Flying video for more information on medication safety.

Learn more about the Do Not Fly medications through this section of the AME Guide.

The FAAs Aerospace Medicine division has published new Technical Reports, including a study on antihistamine use.

The Final Word

Fly regularly with a certified flight instructor who will challenge you to review what you know, explore new horizons, and to always do your best.

Be sure to document your achievement in the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program. Its a great way to stay on top of your game and keep your flight review current.

Resource Guide:

Curious about FAA regulations (Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations)? Its a good idea to stay on top of them. You can find current FAA regulations on this website.

TheFAASafety.govwebsite has Notices, FAAST Blasts, online courses, webinars, and more on key general aviation safety topics.

TheWINGS Pilot Proficiency Programhelps pilots build an educational curriculum suitable for their unique flight requirements.It is based on the premise that pilots who maintain currency and proficiency in the basics of flight will enjoy a safer and more stress-free flying experience.

TheGeneral Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC)is comprised of government and industry experts who work together to use data to identify risk, pinpoint trends through root cause analysis, and develop safety strategies to reduce the risk of GA accidents. The GAJSC combines the expertise of many key decision makers in the FAA, several government agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and stakeholder groups. Industry participants include the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association, General Aviation Manufacturers Association, Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, National Business Aviation Association, National Air Transportation Association, National Association of Flight Instructors, Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, and the aviation insurance industry. The National Transportation Safety Board and the European Aviation Safety Agency participate as observers.

Source: FAAFly Safe: Addressing GA Safety

Flight Schedule Pro releases all new app for flight schools

Flight Schedule Pro is the industry-leading software platform used by flight schools across the U.S. and provides digital solutions for airplane scheduling, student training records, and billing. What started as a basic online airplane scheduling program has evolved into a full-service software solution that all but eliminates the need for paper-record keeping at flight schools, greatly simplifying and automating the routine tasks among students, CFIs and flight school management.

The company recently released an all-new app for iPhone and iPad that makes interaction with the system even more convenient. In addition to being able to schedule and modify airplane reservations, instructors and students can access all of their flight school’s interactive lesson plans and enter flight times and lesson grades right in the app, eliminating the need for a paper TCO or syllabus book. Best of all there is a new offline mode in the app that allows instructors to access the lesson plans in the air and grade the maneuvers as they’re accomplished during each lesson. Here’s how it works.

Getting Started

First, to use the Flight Schedule Pro app your flight training organization must use Flight Schedule Pro and you must have a user account. The first thing you’ll see after logging in to the new app is the airplane schedule. Here you can quickly view availability and schedule a flight:

The new tab-bar interface in the iPad app allows quick navigation to other sections of the app. The Reservations section allows students and instructors to view past and upcoming reservations:


Student Training Hub

The real value in the new app comes from its integration with Flight Schedule Pro’s Student Training Hub. This is the component that replaces paper record-keeping and allows a flight school to transition from paper TCOs and syllabi to full digital records. While there is some administrative work required by flight school management on the front-end to set up each lesson in Flight Schedule Pro’s record-keeping system, the payoff and time-savings are well worth the effort.

When scheduling an airplane for a lesson, the instructor can also assign the relevant flight lesson to the reservation from the course the student is actively enrolled in.

It then takes just one tap in the app from the instructor’s device to save that lesson for offline viewing, which then provides access to grade each maneuver throughout the flight lesson:

When back on the ground, notes can be added to the flight, and both the student and instructor sign and save the lesson using a unique digital PIN:

Flight times are automatically assigned to the lesson when the airplane keys and flightbook are checked back in at the flight school desk, significantly reducing the potential for data-entry errors in each lesson. It also simplifies the instructor’s tasks when a student finishes a course, by making sure all the times add up and FAA requirements are met.

Flight Schedule Pro’s system can be used by schools offering both FAA Part 61 and 141 training (141 use requires FAA approval). While the online portal is still Flight Schedule Pro’s core interface, this new app provides a nice alternative for scheduling lessons when on the go, and accessing and grading lesson plans when offline and away from a computer.

Download Flight Schedule Pro from the app store

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Source: Ipad appsFlight Schedule Pro releases all new app for flight schools

Enjoy the Balloon Fiesta, Leave Your Drone at Home!

For the safety of the balloon operators and spectators, theFederal Aviation Administration (FAA)has established aTemporary Flight Restriction (TFR)area that will make the October 4-13 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta aNo Drone Zone.

The TFR prohibits drones within a 4 nautical-mile-radius of Balloon Fiesta Park up to2,700feet in altitudefrom 5:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. local timeeach day.During these times, you cannot fly your dronewithout FAA authorization.Further details are available in thedrone TFR. Please see NOTAM number 9/8221.

The FAA, in partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement, will actively look for illegal drone operations at and around Balloon Fiesta Park. If you fly your drone within the restricted area without permission, you could face civil penalties that exceed $30,000 and potential criminal prosecution.

Balloon operators and spectators at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta who see a drone flying, canreport it to event staff, local law enforcement, or call the event command center directly.

Drone pilots should check the FAAsB4UFLY appto determine when and where they can safely fly.

Learn more on our UAS website.

Source: FAAEnjoy the Balloon Fiesta, Leave Your Drone at Home!

iOS Update Green Light program: iOS and iPadOS 13.1.2

Apple recently released the next major software update for iPhone and iPad alongside the launch of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The software took a split this year – the iOS 13 update is designed exclusively for iPhone, and then there is a separate iOS update available specifically for iPad, called iPadOS. As with any iOS release, we recommend holding off on updating until your app or accessory developer has had time to fully test compatibility with the new version.


View the previous iOS 13.1 Green Light recommendation here.

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Pilot’s aviation app directory – 2019 Edition

iPad Pilot News has helped pilots discover over 100 quality aviation apps since the invention of the iPad in 2010. Here we’ve assembled a basic directory to help you locate and download them in the App Store. This certainly doesn’t represent every aviation app ever created, but it highlights some of the most useful and most popular ones.

AC-U-Kwik World Edition Provides precise and up-to-date information about airports, FBOs, handlers and other data services for the aviation industry.

Aerovie, electronic flight bag (EFB) In addition to serving as a full-featured EFB app with weather, flight planning and in-flight navigation features, this app also allows you to electronically submit PIREPs directly to Flight Service. Offers Apple Watch app.

AeroWeather Get current and precise worldwide METARs and TAFs delivered to your devices. Offers Apple Watch app.

Air Navigation Pro This flight planning and GPS navigation app is designed for VFR pilots and offers international support, including charts for the US, Europe, South America and more.

Airborne Weather Radar Become an expert on airborne weather radar using this course’s interactive training modules to learn about thunderstorm theory, principles of radar, scanning techniques and much more.

Airbus FlySmart Airbus offers a collection of apps for pilots to assist with performance planning, maintenance and other operational guidance when flying these airplanes.

Altimeter+ Calculates the altitude of your current location via GPS, or from the built-in barometer included on newer iPhones and iPads. Offers Apple Watch app.

AltitudeAlert This handy app delivers the functionality of an altitude preselect and alerting system in the form of a convenient iPad. Best of all it’ll quickly get your attention should you inadvertently deviate from an ATC assigned altitude. There’s also a Mini version of the app designed specifically for iPhone – AltitudeAlert Mini.

AOPA This app provides instant and free access to AOPA’s latest general aviation news, videos, podcasts and events. It also provides TFR alerts in the form of push notification.

AOPA Go This app is a benefit to AOPA members and delivers three flight planning tools–AOPA Airports Directory, AOPA Flight Planner and AOPA Weather.

AOPA Magazine Delivers AOPA’s monthly magazines to AOPA members, including AOPA Pilot and AOPA Flight Training.

ASA Prepware ASA is a leading provider of knowledge test prep resources and eBooks for pilots working on a variety of certificates and ratings.

Aviation W&B This is the ultimate weight and balance calculator, using a friendly customizable interface that includes over 240 predefined airplane templates.

Avidyne IFD540/IFD440 Trainer Pilots flying with Avidyne’s newest GPS/NAV/COM will find this software simulator to be an excellent resource to learn how to use the system right from an iPad.

AvioFuel Primarily designed for turboprop and jet aircraft, AvioFuel makes it easy for pilots to calculate how much fuel to add during refueling operations.

Avtech proFLIGHT This app is a high-quality weather tool for the professional flight crew. proFLIGHT uses the actual flight route and time combined with the Met Office’s Global 10KM Weather model to produce a tailored weather forecast based on the most up to date information.

B4UFly Drone Designed for model aircraft and drone pilots, this app from the FAA will help you determine if the airspace around you is safe and legal for operating a remotely piloted aircraft based on nearby flight restrictions.

Bad Elf GPS utility This utility app allows owners of Bad Elf GPS accessories to check the health of the Bad Elf hardware, view the GPS data being received, transfer and view trip logs and install firmware updates. Offers Apple Watch app.

Bahamas and Caribbean Pilots Guide This is a must-have app for pilots planning a trip to the islands, providing detailed airport information, customs & immigration info, resorts and services, frequencies, fuel availability and much more.

Boeing Onboard Performance Tool Allows Boeing flight crews to calculate takeoff analysis, landing analysis and weight and balance information, correcting for pressure variation, runway conditions, engine bleeds and MEL items.

Bombardier Aerospace This collection of apps provides eLearning, operating procedures and maintenance utilities for operators of Bombardier jet airplanes.

Bose Connect Get quick access to the key features on Bose aviation headsets, like the auto-off timer, volume control and battery readings. And it’s the easiest way to manage multiple Bluetooth connections.

Bush Pilot Flight Simulator Take to the skies and adventure through the wilderness, backwoods and rough terrain in 21 different airplanes in this thrilling flight simulator game.

Cirrus Approach Access all your Cirrus airframe and avionics training courses in one easy-to-use mobile platform.

CloudAhoy Using your iPad and a GPS source, Cloudahoy logs every parameter of your flight and provides comprehensive debriefing services: VFR and IFR, with 2D and 3D flight tracks, profiles, wind, maneuver analysis, instrument approaches and more.

Cloud Topper This is the digital replacement to your old sight level. Using your device’s camera, gyroscope and accelerometer, it’ll help you determine if your current flight path and altitude will clear clouds up ahead.

dBrief Pilot Logbook Need a simple iPad logbook without all the bells and whistles that can bog you down? This app makes it easy to quickly log flights, track currency and keep a record of total pilot time.

Deep Weather This supplemental resource provides direct access to the NWS Forecast Discussion, providing additional insight from regional meterologists on weather patterns and forecast trends.

Dual GPS Status Tools This collection of apps from the manufacturer of GPS and ADS-B receivers will help you monitor status and troubleshoot each respective device.

Eclipse Quick Reference An interactive version of the Eclipse light jet Quick Reference Handbook, this app includes checklists, weight and balance utility, fuel planning, performance calculator, emergency procedures and flight manuals.

Embraer Aircraft ServicesA complete line of apps to assist operators of Embraer aircraft with support and services, performance and flight planning.

FAR/AIM This is a must-have app for all pilots’ iPads. It includes information from Titles 14 and 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations pertinent to pilots, flight instructors and flight crew, along with the full Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM). Updated regularly.

FlashPass eAPIS Pilots flying internationally across any US border must submit passenger manifests to US Customs. This app makes it a breeze to complete all the necessary forms right from your iPad.

FlightAware Flight Tracker This app allows you to track real-time flight status and tracking map of any commercial flight worldwide, and can also track general aviation flights in the US and Canada.

FlightRadar24 Turn your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch into an air traffic radar and see planes around the world move in real-time on a detailed map. Or point your device at a plane in the sky to see where it’s going. Offers Apple Watch app.

Flight Currency Ready to fly? Are you current? This app lets you know at a glance if you are legal to fly as pilot in command by keeping track of your flight review, medical status and recent flight experience.

FltPlan Go Designed as a companion app for users of the popular fltplan.com flight planning website, this app delivers full EFB functionality including in-flight navigation tools and weather.

FltTrack This free app from FltPlan.com allows you to quickly and easily track GA airplanes. It displays their location on the map, ETA, departure/destination airports, airplane model and filed route.

FLYER Magazine Flyer is the UK’s most-read general aviation title, covering everything from piston twins to very light jets, along with vintage aircraft and cutting-edge prototypes.

Flying Magazine Since 1927 Flying has been the magazine to inform, educate and entertain pilots with aviation news, trends and regulations, aircraft reports, pilot techniques, vibrant photography and the latest avionics developments.

Flyover Country Ever wonder about the details of the terrain you’re flying over on cross-country flights? This app uses GPS and its extensive database to provide you with information about topography, points of interest and other geoscience data.

FlyQ EFB This full-featured EFB app includes all the basics like preflight planning and moving map navigation, along with advanced features like ADS-B weather/traffic, synthetic vision, terrain avoidance and night mode.

FlyQ Insight Use your iPhone or iPad’s camera to help identify and locate nearby airports with this augmented reality app. Hold your device up to the window and it’ll present a virtual marker on the ground to help you spot and fly towards nearby airports.

ForeFlight ForeFlight is the most-widely used flight planning and EFB app for iPad and iPhone. Designed for both individual pilots and professional flight crews, ForeFlight allows you to plan and file flight plans, access preflight and in-flight weather, download and view charts and maps, manage flight publications, log flight time and much more. Offers Apple Watch app.

ForeFlight Passenger This companion app to ForeFlight allows others on board your airplane to monitor the flight progress on an interactive moving map and view real-time updates on ETA.

Garmin G1000 Simulator Practice interacting with the Garmin G1000 PFD as found in single-engine Cessna aircraft right on your iPad.

Garmin GTN Trainer The Garmin GTN 650/750 trainer allows you to experience the pilot interface of these panel-mount touchscreen navigators and provides an on-the-ground environment to learn the basic operation of the system.

Garmin Pilot Includes flight planning, charts, interactive maps, weather briefing resources and navigation capabilities in a full-featured EFB app. The app’s intuitive interface mirrors those on the newest Garmin touchscreen avionics.

Garmin G500/G600 TXi Trainer This free app simulates Garmin’s G500 touchscreen PFD/MFD/Engine display. It includes a worldwide airport database and simulator controls that allow you to “fly” the system and practice procedures to or from any airport in the world.

Garmin VIRB Many pilots are flying with the Garmin VIRB action camera, and this app allows you to control the camera wirelessly and use your iPhone or iPad as a large viewfinder.

Getting Around on the Ground Runway incursions remain a hot topic at today’s busy airports, and this app will prepare you for safe ground operations by teaching airport markings, signage, lighting, hazards, safety tips and procedures that will keep you aware and knowledgeable during airport surface movements.

GPS Coordinate Converter This simple app is an advanced, yet simple to use mobile application designed for converting geographic coordinate formats and for measuring distance and bearing between coordinates.

Gulfstream Aircraft apps This suite of apps from Gulfstream Aerospace provides performance, weight and balance, cabin control, communications and support services for their line of high-performance jets.

Gyronimo Aircraft Training Gyronimo is a leading developer of apps for specific models of GA airplanes and helicopters to assist with performance planning and weight and balance calculations.

Holding Pattern Computer This advanced holding pattern computer calculates course, wind correction angels, headings, and required timing, given the assigned holding fix, your speed and estimated wind direction and speed. It’ll then show the appropriate entry procedure and guide you throughout the hold.

Honeywell GoDirect Flight Preview Brief instrument approaches like never before with this preflight app from Honeywell. It allows you to view the instrument approach flight path for US airports, side-by-side with the chart, to see the nearby terrain in a 3D pilot’s eye view.

Honeywell Weather Information Service Provides real-time weather and trend information in the cockpit, as well as enhanced communication including current weather, historical weather patterns and the forecast to give pilots a better picture of the weather environment while en route.

iFly GPS Created by the developers of the handheld iFly GPS receivers, this full EFB app delivers the full suite of products pilots are looking for in the airplane: flight planning, digital charts, ADS-B weather, active alerting system for airspace and traffic, and much more.

Instructair This CFI database app from NAFI helps students search for flight instructors in the local area based on their qualifications and aircraft specialties.

Instrument Pilot Study Buddy Test Prep Prepare for the Instrument Rating FAA written test by creating custom study sessions, and then practice simulated FAA tests to know you’re ready for the real thing.

Instrument Rating Test Prep Video Course Sporty’s award-winning instrument rating course offers over 13 hours of engaging HD video training, written test prep, maneuvers training, Airman Certification Standards and flight syllabus. Upon successful completion, the course also provides pilots with an endorsement take the official FAA knowledge test.

Jazz Weight and Balance This fully-customizable app makes computing weight and balance a breeze, with a well-designed interface and lots of advanced features.

Jeppesen Flight Deck Pro X Jepp’s latest offering for the commercial airline market provides digital charts, moving map navigation, weather, D-ATIS and company-specific charts and documents.

Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck VFR Provides affordable access to Jeppesen VFR charts for the US and Europe and includes features like route planning, weather, airspace warnings and automatic flight time logging.

King Schools Companion Allows you to take video lessons from your King online ground school and test prep courses on the go.

Lightspeed FlightLink Works seamlessly with all new Lightspeed headsets to record and playback incoming and outgoing communications. It also allows owners of the Zulu PFX headset to set a variety of personal audio and operational preferences.

LiveATC Live near an airport and want to listen in on the pilots and control tower? This app taps into the LiveATC.net audio feeds to listen in on aviation radio communications around the world.

LogTen Pro X This advanced logbook allows pilots to track flight time, currency, endorsements, duty time, rest time, flight reviews and much more.

Mastering Stick and Rudder Designed to improve your stick and rudder skills, this interactive training app contains over six hours of 3D graphics and interactions full of helpful guidance and practical tips.

Miracheck This checklist app is unique in that it will speak the checklist items to you and allow you to respond and mark items as complete by talking back to it.

MyRadar There are times when all you need is a fast-loading radar picture, and MyRadar is the perfect app for that. It provides high-resolution animated radar and loads immediately. Offers Apple Watch app.

myPhenom Flight Calculator Developed by the Phenom Jet Association, this app allows Phenom 100 and 300 operators to calculate weight and balance, takeoff, cruise and landing performance data.

Navigation and Advanced Avionics Training This interactive course covers essential navigation techniques, including how to use VORs, HSIs and bearing pointers, GPS and advanced FMS systems.

NRST: Descent Rate and Airport Finder Designed for pilots of any size aircraft, this app provides location-based information to guide you to the nearest airport should an unplanned deviation become necessary. Offers Apple Watch app.

Pilatus PC-12 Digital Airplane Flight Manual The PC-12 AFM is a pilot assistance tool for verification of the weight and balance of the Pilatus PC-12 and the calculation of take-off, cruise and landing performance.

Sporty’s Pilot Training Sporty’s all-in-one flight training app allows you to access their award-winning Learn to Fly Course (Private Pilot), Instrument Rating Course, Flying with ForeFlight Course, Aviation Weather, Flight Review, IPC, VFR and IFR Communications, Garmin G1000 Checkout and Helicopter, Glider, Multiengine and Seaplane transition courses. The platform also offers access to Garmin eLearning courses covering the Garmin TXi, Radar and G5000 systems.

PlaneEnglish This training app offers a variety of scenarios to learn and perfect your aviation communication skills. The app includes 65 airports and hundreds of potential scenarios, so you can practice getting an IFR clearance at a Class D airport, talking to tower at a Class C airport, or making position reports at a non-towered airport.

PlaneFinder AR This 3D version of the popular PlaneFinder flight tracking app takes advantage of Apple’s ARKit technology. This allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to move around any airspace in the world and view live air traffic in a dynamic 3D environment.

Precision Altimeter This iPhone app takes advantage of the pressure altitude sensor in iPhone 6 or newer to display a detailed altimeter instrument and vertical speed indicator. You can also add an external wireless Bluetooth sensor from Texas Instruments for $29 that sends outside air temp and humidity right to the app to display a real-time view of the density altitude.

Private Pilot Learn to Fly Course Sporty’s award-winning pilot training course offers over 20 hours of engaging HD video training, written test prep, maneuvers training, Airman Certification Standards and flight syllabus. Upon successful completion, the course also provides pilots with an endorsement take the official FAA knowledge test.

Private Pilot Study Buddy Test Prep Prepare for the Private Pilot FAA written test by creating custom study sessions, and then practice simulated FAA tests to know you’re ready for the real thing.

QuickClear Quickly generate and submit eAPIS passenger manifests when flying across the U.S. border with this CBP-approved app.

Radio Navigation Simulator This app creates a 2D simulated environment with VORs and NDBs that allows you to play with the avionics and the position of the airplane. It’s fast and easy to simulate flying To or From the station, cross-checking from two VORs, or using DME.

Rockwell Collins HGS Flight Use your iPad for some fun flying with this Heads-up Guidance System from Rockwell Collins, which allows you to simulate flying an approach into Innsbruck, Austria, under a variety of weather conditions.

Rolls Royce MyAeroengine Support Provides owners and operators of Rolls-Royce powered business jets with contact information to assist in the operational availability of their aircraft.

RunwayMap You can view flight videos, reviews and photos from other pilots as well as share your flying experiences. Features at a glance include airport frequencies, webcam images, aviation weather, 3D images, local restaurant reviews and more.

SkewTLogPro This weather app gives you one-touch access to powerful skew-t log-p charts. View charts using your current GPS location, airport ID code or lat/lon. Each skew-t log-p chart provides a visual indication of temperature, dew point, winds aloft, and wind speed at various altitudes.

SkyDemon This full-featured EFB app is one of Europe’s most popular solutions for VFR flight planning and in-flight navigation. Provides digital charts, weather, in-flight navigation tools, terrain awareness and much more.

smartMFD This app from Guardian Avionics provides a user-friendly multi function display powered by Guardian’s smartPlane product line. It’ll also provide CO level alerts and pulse oximter readings when connected to the smartLink 555.

SocialFlight Looking for somewhere to fly on the next blue sky Saturday? SocialFlight has mapped out over 20,000 aviation events, things to do, $100 hamburgers, aircraft fly-ins, pancake breakfasts, conventions and FAA safety seminars.

Spin-a-Wind This app makes it a breeze to calculate headwind/crosswind components, temperature conversions, pressure/density altitude and true airspeed computations, using a pilot-friendly interface.

Sporty’s E6B This app takes all the features from Sporty’s best-selling handheld E6B computer and brings them to your iPhone/iPad, including 22 aviation functions, 18 conversions and a universal weight and balance calculator. Offers Apple Watch app.

Textron Aviation 1View Textron Aviation 1View app combines all technical publications for Beechcraft, Cessna, and Hawker with one tool to efficiently manage technical documents associated with the aircraft they operate.

Textron Aviation Cessnav Cesnav combines three calculators (Previously known as CLCalc, CPCalc, and EOM) into one app, offering a unified experience from sharing calculations across the calculators to a combined results screen. Cesnav is available for all current production Citations and the following models: CitationJet, CJ1, CJ1+, CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3, Bravo, Encore, Encore+, Excel, XLS, Sovereign, and X.

Textron Aviation Service Connect with the Textron global network to assist with support for Hawker, Beechcraft, Cessna and McCauley Service Centers and Mobile Service Units.

Ultimate CFI Lesson Plan Guide Includes training course outlines (syllabi) for Private, Sport and Recreational training, along with ground lesson guides to assist CFIs in teaching each lesson. Also, includes the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) for private pilot.

UTM for Flight Designed as a companion app to ForeFlight, this utility converts UTM and ONMNR (Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources) GPS coordinates to Lat/Lon (Latitude/Longitude) and then permits exporting the converted waypoint directly into ForeFlight user waypoints.

uvGO: Trips, Flight Planning and Aviation Wx From Universal Weather and Aviation, this is designed for business operators to plan, build and manage missions worldwide.

Weather Geek Pro 2 This premium weather app allows you to view the same numerical weather models used by professional meteorologists, including GFS, GEFS, NAEFS, WW3 and ECMWF models.

WeatherSpork Another weather app, but with a unique approach. It integrates a number of observations and forecasts, including Skew-t Log-P diagrams, to offer a more complete picture of the weather. Unique “wheels up departure advisor” helps you pick the right time to take off.

Weekend Flyer This weather app takes a different approach to medium-range forecasts by displaying them on an interactive map with time sliders, perfect for keeping an eye on the conditions for your return trip home when flying out for the weekend.

WingX Pro This capable aviation resource is one of the top EFB apps for iPad and provides pilots with a comprehensive collection of aviation features: preflight planning, weather, in-flight GPS navigation, digital charts, synthetic vision, terrain awareness, ADS-B weather and traffic and much more.

WSI PilotBrief Optima WSI is a leading provider of weather data and used by the majority of airlines. This app delivers HD radar, route planning, in-flight SiriusXM/ADS-B capability and other advanced weather data to GA pilots.

wx24 Pilot Tired of looking at the same text formatting for weather reports or forecasts? wx24 simplifies this process by displaying graphical representations of the same data for quick interpretation by pilots.

X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator This leading flight simulator features a wide variety of aircraft with interactive 3D cockpits and exciting aviation challenges to test your skills in this fun, but realistic, iPad game.

Xavion In flight Xavion constantly calculates engine-failed glide scenarios and provides you with power-off landing guidance based on runway length, width, winds, and nearby weather to get you on the ground safely. This EFB app also offers traditional in-flight navigation features and digital charts.

Zulu Time A simple application to see local and Zulu (GMT) time, along with multiple other time zones, in a single place.

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CloudAhoy version 6 adds new CFI Assistant

We’ve long considered CloudAhoy to be a hidden gem in the world of aviation apps. While it has a vibrant community of users, we think more pilots would benefit from its data-driven approach to flight training and proficiency. Instead of going on gut feel or fuzzy memories, the app can show you exactly how well you flew that S-turn, instrument approach, or traffic pattern. Pair it with a Stratus or G1000 to log data beyond just GPS location, and you have a truly powerful proficiency tool. This week the company released a major update, with version 6.0 and a new Pro level subscription hitting the market.

The biggest news is the addition of CFI Assistant, a tool that automatically scores your flights based on objective standards. One of CloudAhoy’s best features is its ability to automatically segment each flight (for example, takeoff, climb, S-turn, landing). CFI Assistant will score each segment, in addition to the overall flight. Beyond the overall score, there are graphs and track overlays that make it easy to determine at a glance how precisely you flew.

This makes it much easier and faster to review a flight; in previous versions of the app, it took some time and more than a few taps to figure out whether your maneuver was good or not. Now you know right away, and there are easy options for drilling down into each segment.

CloudAhoy Pro also adds some powerful capabilities for reviewing instrument approaches, one of the best uses of the app in our opinion. There’s also a new display of gauges for power settings, G force, flaps, and gear (when data is available – this often requires using a Garmin G1000 data logger).

Version 6.0 has plenty of smaller enhancements beyond just Pro, including a simpler iPhone layout and some predefined layouts to help new users get started faster. CloudAhoy also added hundreds of aircraft models to their database, for more accurate review and analysis.  Fleet operators can also take advantage of a new organization manager tool, which includes  subscription management, company-specific aircraft parameters, and customizable scoring envelopes.

In addition to the app update, CloudAhoy rolled out a new Pro subscription level. This includes CFI Assistant, IPA Profile View, and Rich Gauges, and costs $150/year. The company is offering a special until October 23rd that gives one month of Pro free to every CloudAhoy user and an extra month of Pro for every purchase. The Standard subscription remains unchanged at $65/year, and the app is free to download and use for basic flight logging and review. You can download it in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

Watch the video below for more details:

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Source: Ipad appsCloudAhoy version 6 adds new CFI Assistant

FAA Updates DroneZone

WASHINGTON Upgrades to the Federal Aviation Administrations (FAA) DroneZone now

allows recreational flyers to request airspace authorizations in controlled airspace where the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) is not available.

Airspace authorizations can take up to 45 days to process and approve through the DroneZone.

Recreational flyers may request to fly up to the designated altitude ceiling in an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Facility Map (UASFM) and only for daytime operations.

LAANC is a collaboration between the FAA and industry that directly supports the safe integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems into the nation’s airspace, expediting the time it takes for drone pilots to receive authorizations to fly under 400 feet in controlled airspace.

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