Training tips.

Here are some of the tips used by our staff who are in training or about to start. AOPA is a great place to start and they have free resources for students they also offer a free temporary membership for new students. Lets start with what you are going to need as a student. you will need a current student kit that includes books and more often then not an online study guide to prepare you for the ground school test. The kit can include video or just the books but it must be current. If your looking for a student kit on occasion Ebay will have some at a discount or Pilot Mall.  A kneeboard is also a good idea to write down the information you need.IMG_1437

Depending on the license or rating you are after the medical ( changes were made to the regulations on this check for current information) is the next consideration, there are some Doctors listed at (not very current)or you can ask the local flight school. Now for one of the major questions almost all ask and that is whats the cost?  well the answer is there is no answer since we all learn at a different pace, it is quite normal to spend around 7K to finish a private pilot license for fixed wing single engine airplane. Next picking an instructor or school. Since each instructor has a different style of teaching it is best to do a kind of interview and make it clear you want to take a few lessons before deciding. I found that Youtube was a great resource to research anything I had questions on or wanted to get a better grasp of. I will be listing a few channels to subscribe to that can help give a visual of what you are learning with your instructor.  Always consult a qualified flight instructor for flight training.

Here is what our staff uses to help make good radio calls, we think it is well worth the $1.99

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