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Chennai flood: Insurance cos to receive Rs 200-crore claims from eight private jet owners

Currently, these insurers are busy assessing losses of the eight aircraft and it may take up to a couple of months to settle those claims. General insurance companies are likely to receive claims worth around Rs 200 crore from the owners of eight corporate …
Source: bingChennai flood: Insurance cos to receive Rs 200-crore claims from eight private jet owners

100th TBM 900 delivered

Delivery_100th TBM900

Daher’s latest member in its very fast turboprop product line — the TBM 900 — has reached the century mark with the 100th aircraft delivery.

The milestone TBM 900 was received by U.S. customer Dale Schneider, a North Carolina businessman who is an active airplane and helicopter pilot, having logged more than 3,000 hours. Schneider’s first aircraft was a TBM 700C2 version, which he purchased in 2006 and has flown some 1,000 hours.

Delivery_100th TBM900

The TBM 900 is fastest-selling TBM ever, according to Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of Daher’s Airplane Business Unit, who noted the program was officially unveiled only 20 months ago in March 2014.

Daher integrated 26 modifications to the TBM 900, including airframe aerodynamic optimization through the addition of winglets, along with the incorporation of a vertical tailfin strake and a new tail cone; the use of a five-blade composite propeller and redesigned spinner; and a revamped electrical system.

The TBM 900’s top cruise speed is increased to 330 KTAS at 28,000 feet, and its maximum range is extended to 1,730 nautical miles with five adult passengers as a result of the fuel consumption reduction to 37 U.S. gallons per hour, company officials noted.

As the owner of the milestone 100th TBM 900, Schneider selected the new aircraft based on his experience with the TBM 700C2.

“I purchased the pre-owned TBM 700C2 because it was fast,” he said. “I then joined the TBM Owners and Pilot Association (TBMOPA) and enjoyed becoming a part of the TBM flying community. So when the time came to replace my airplane, buying a brand new TBM 900 was the obvious choice.”

Schneider received his TBM 900 at Daher’s production facility in Tarbes, France and participated in the aircraft’s ferry flight from Europe to the U.S.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.com100th TBM 900 delivered

FltPlan Go adds visual cloud analysis tool

fltplan go cloud tops

CloudTops_1_LargeThe free FltPlan Go app is an excellent resource for pilots who rely on the website for flight planning, since it automatically downloads and organizes navlogs from the website right on your iPhone and iPad. The app also offers a wealth of other resources, including flight tracking, FAA charts, checklists, airport/FBO directory and a weight and balance tool.

A recent update adds a new in-flight tool that allows you to visually estimate the tops of nearby clouds directly from your iPad. The new Cloud Tops feature is essentially a sight level that uses the accelerometers and built-in camera in your iPad to determine the MSL height of weather features around you.

The tool is very easy to use–hold the iPad so that the camera is pointing out the front window, line up the green level line with the top of the cloud, enter your aircraft altitude and estimated distance from the clouds, and you’ll then see the the height of the clouds displayed in large numbers at the top of the screen. Green means you’ll be flying above the clouds, red indicates you’ll be in the clouds, and orange is used when you’ll be right at the cloud tops. Cloud Tops automatically compensates for the curvature of the earth, so it’s just as useful too in the flight levels.


FltPlan Go is available here as a free download in the app store.

Source: Ipad appsFltPlan Go adds visual cloud analysis tool

Just Aircraft approved in England

Just Aircraft 2015  Jean-Marie Urlacher20150710_0098

WALHALLA, S.C. — Having received authorization from England’s Civil Aviation Authority to market SuperSTOL kits in the UK, Just Aircraft has taken the first step in establishing a global dealer network.

Just Aircraft 2015  Jean-Marie Urlacher20150710_0098It is seeking additional dealers in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Most countries will require local approval by aviation authorities, but having been through the process in England, it is expected that other nations will be able to move forward more quickly, company officials noted.

Just Aircraft has already produced more than 600 kits for construction and operation in North America. Of the 600, nearly 200 sales have been for the SuperSTOL, the newest design.

Company officials note they will continue to market factory direct in North America, but wish to have factory representatives in the other continents.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comJust Aircraft approved in England

Video: ForeFlight introduces integrated Pilot Logbook app


ForeFlight reports the ForeFlight Logbook is now available.

Logbook is integrated into the ForeFlight app, making it easy for pilots to manually and automatically log flights, track hours, review currency, record certificates and ratings, receive electronic instructor endorsements, and generate experience reports, according to company officials.

Area-forecast-discussion-airport-view“With ForeFlight Logbook, we wanted to deliver an app for pilots that makes recording flights simple, provides currency information at a glance, simplifies experience reporting, and never loses a logbook entry,” says Tyson Weihs, ForeFlight’s cofounder and CEO. “ForeFlight Logbook goes well beyond the basics, with automation for flight entries based on our automatic flight logging system, encrypted instructor signatures and endorsements, real-time syncing across iPhone and iPad, and automatic backups that regularly snapshot your logbook.”

Area-forecast-discussion-maps-viewForeFlight Logbook automatically uses recorded Track Logs, ForeFlight’s built-in flight data recorder, to create draft logbook entries, eliminating the need to manually enter basic flight information like date, total flight time, and route. Pilots review the entry, add desired details, and then tap to save the flight to the digital logbook. Custom fields offer flexibility to capture and track any additional information the pilot needs, company officials note.

ForeFlight-Logbook-dashboard-viewA color-coded dashboard includes a recent flight experience summary where pilots can see their activity at-a-glance. For example, they can check if they are current for IFR flight or for carrying passengers at night. Pilots can export a flight experience report that can be used for completing annual insurance forms, rental applications, job applications, and more.

ForeFlight Logbook also supports digital endorsements allowing instructors and examiners to sign endorsements in the app using their finger or a stylus. A database of more than 60 endorsement templates derived from FAA Advisory Circular 61-65E eliminates the need to type endorsement text, while still allowing the customizations necessary to complete an endorsement, according to company officials. Logbook endorsements and digital signatures are locked and stored in the ForeFlight Cloud for safekeeping.

Logbook is available with ForeFlight 7.5 as part of ForeFlight’s new Basic Plus and Pro Plus plans, or as an upgrade to the Business Pro plan for multi-pilot accounts.

A how-to video is now on YouTube:


Source: http://generalaviationnews.comVideo: ForeFlight introduces integrated Pilot Logbook app