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Activities To Celebrate Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week Double In 2016

More Than 100 Events Tailored For Women Took Pace On Six Continents This Year More than 100 activities, twice as many as in 2015, unfolded in Africa, America, Europe, and Oceania during the 6th annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, a global aviation awareness week for girls of any age, founded and managed by the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW).
Source: aero newsActivities To Celebrate Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week Double In 2016

MIT's New Battery Tech Shows Promise For Aviation

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a new system for generating electricity that could show promise for powering small airplanes. “The potential energy density of this power source is on the same scale with petrochemical energy sources, and it is orders of magnitude higher than commercial lithium ion batteries,” Michael Strano, an MIT professor of chemical engineering, told AVweb this week. “It definitely has the potential to power airplanes of any size.”
Source: avwebMIT's New Battery Tech Shows Promise For Aviation

Another Short-Term Fix For FAA

Congress once again has delayed taking substantive action on FAA funding issues, as the House voted yesterday to extend the current FAA budget through mid-July. The FAA’s budget is due to expire on March 31. Competing proposals in the House and Senate have failed to gain enough support for passage, as lawmakers argue over whether air traffic control should be privatized. The Senate is expected to approve the four-month extension later this week.
Source: avwebAnother Short-Term Fix For FAA

FAA Administrator Talks Drones at SXSW

March 14 FAA Administrator Michael Huerta and Sally French, “The Drone Girl,” today led a lively panel discussion about the future of small unmanned aircraft at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin on Monday. The panel included a diverse group of innovative thinkers from industry and government.

In his opening remarks, Administrator Huerta outlined recent progress on several important initiatives, including a robust unmanned aircraft system (UAS) registration system that is expected to pass 400,000 registrants this week, the MicroUAS aviation rulemaking committee that will deliver recommendations to the FAA by April 1, and the FAAs B4UFLY app for iOS and Android devices. He noted partnerships among the FAA, industry and other government agencies are key to safely and expeditiously integrating unmanned aircraft into our skies.

“The wide array of industry representatives here today underscores that while we may sometimes have different opinions and ideas, were all coming from essentially the same place: We all view safety as our top priority, and the safe integration of unmanned aircraft is a goal that were committed to pursuing together,” Huerta said.

The panel discussion included representatives from NASA, Amazon Prime Air, Intel, PrecisionHawk, Aerobo and Fresh Air Educators. Topics included steps to speed integration while maintaining todays high levels of safety, future uses for UAS, research on how to safely expand UAS operations, and ways to spread the FAA’s safety message to even more UAS pilots. One message that came through from the participants was that partnerships between government and industry are essential to educating the public on how to fly carefully and to safely integrating unmanned aircraft into the nation’s airspace.

Helping people understand where they can and cant fly their unmanned aircraft is critical and the FAA is counting on industrys support. Many UAS users have no experience with the U.S. aviation system, so they may not be aware theyre operating in shared, and potentially busy airspace.

Huerta announced the Android version of the FAAs B4UFLY app is now publicly available. The app tells pilots whether its safe to fly in their current or planned locations. The Android version includes updates to its beta version based on feedback from drone operators who tested the app. Huerta also committed to making the apps programming and logic available to the general public.

The FAA is committed to the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace system. The FAAs website has important information for drone owners on registration, flying guidance for hobby or recreation use, commercial operations, public/government operations, law enforcement guidance, educational campaigns, and more. The FAA plans to publish a rule for small unmanned aircraft this spring. The agency has authorized more than 4,000 exemptions for commercial operations, and works with our research partners through the UAS Center of Excellence, six test sites, and the Pathfinder program.

Source: FAAFAA Administrator Talks Drones at SXSW