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Aviation clothing

We have started making aviation clothing for both men and women on . Our line of clothing covers classic and patriotic designs. We are sure you will find we have something for everyone.

Our design team is making new pieces almost weekly. Our aviation line of clothing is changing and expanding every few days with more colors and styles for men and women.

We have classic and patriotic designs we are sure you will love.

Piper Cub

We offer designs for students, pilots, instructors and anyone interested in aviation. If you find a design you like and would like it in a hoodie or different color let us know and we will make it. We will be adding airport diagrams soon.

Video camera in the airplane how to.

The camera or cameras in the cockpit you use to capture your video can vary widely depending on the individual user. We use an odd assortment of types styles and brands to capture the footage. We have everything from HD to 4k mounted in various locations or handheld. We have in our collection Canon, GoPro, Garmin, Sony and even a few things shot on iPhone.  All can record in HD or 4K so it comes down to the software you use for editing your footage.

garmin Virb Ultra 30

Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Hero 3

Hero 6


I use a few different mounts to attach my cameras to the aircraft and honestly I would say that it takes less than a handful to make good videos. As far as I am concerned the only mounts you really need are a couple suction cup mounts for inside, a tiedown and strut mount for the exterior. I rent the aircraft from the school where I fly so there are limits to what I can do, I also have some inspection covers with mounts on them that work great. For inside I use the suction cup mounts from GoPro.