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EAA fly in Moraine

One of my favorite activities is going to a fly in. every year you can find a few fly-ins at local airports around the state and country. This one is a fundraiser for the EAA chapter on the field, you just never know who or what will show up. We have decided to use personal YouTube channels to allow others to add content. If you have a channel and would like to contribute shoot an email to

This was the EAA fly in in Moraine airpark. The event is free and held every year.

Red Stewart Airfield, 40I

40I airfield
40I airfield

The Red Stewart field is a family friendly grass strip with a picnic table and small children’s playground. The people here are very friendly and unlike most small or county airports there open to new people coming and having a look. I have noticed that quite a few county and all the commercial airports there is a big fear of new or unknown people having a look around and especially taking photos. I don’t know if it is a fear of the FAA , homeland security or being the next government target.

I am uploading a gallery of some photos we were able to get on an outing at this field.

jumpers1sunset4day at the field