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New Eclipse model unveiled

ONE Aviation has unveiled a new Eclipse model, currently known as “Project Canada.”

The new aircraft is all about offering more, according to company officials.

Project CanadaIn this case, “more” means an aircraft that is:

  • Shorter: Canada requires 24% less runway at sea level, ISA+25°C
  • Quicker: Canada takes 47% less time to climb to FL400 at ISA+10°C
  • Farther: Canada will fly 1m400 nm at max speed cruise with NBAA IFR 100 reserves
  • Higher: Canada’s operational ceiling is increased to FL430
  • Faster: Canada can cruise at 0.65 Mach, all the way up to FL430
  • Hotter: Canada has significant improvements in all performance on high temp days
  • Stronger: Canada’s increased useful load allows you to carry 475 pounds more payload the same distance traveled as the current Eclipse

These changes in performances are the result of a combination of several design changes, company officials noted.

  • More Span: 41.7 ft. vs. 37.9 ft.
  • More Wing Area: 163 sq. ft. vs. 144 sq. ft. — 13% more wing area
  • More Fuel: 321 gallons vs. 251 gallons
  • More Useful Load: 2,787 lb. vs. 2,311 lb.
  • More Thrust: 1,170 lb. vs. 980 lb.

“Canada” adds about 4 feet to the span of previous Eclipse jets by adding a new wing section at the root, company officials explained. The increased span improves efficiency which, in turn, improves takeoff, climb, and cruise performance, especially at high altitudes — an important aspect that allows for increasing the max altitude to FL430, officials noted.

Additional wing area keeps the takeoff, approach, and landing speeds similar to the current Eclipse 550. This added area provides the volume necessary to increase the total usable fuel to 321 gallons to achieve the design goal of 1,400 nm with NBAA IFR 100 range while eliminating the tip tanks and their associated drag.

Adding fuel without adding gross weight limits choices, so the new “Canada” will also have a much higher gross weight of about 6,900 pounds. This will increase the amount of testing required by the FAA, company officials acknowledge.

“We expect that the aircraft will be powered by a flat rated version of the PW615, thus providing higher thrust,” company officials said in a prepared release. “The flat rating allows the engine to put out the required thrust at much higher temperatures and altitudes.”

The jet will come with Garmin G3000 avionics, which includes synthetic vision, GFC 700 autopilot, Garmin ESP protection system, ADS-B and RVSM compliant, Full LNAV and VNAV functions, and more.

Company officials also are offering customers who order an EA550 or EA SE before Aug. 5, 2016, the chance to trade that in for a Canada, once they are available, with zero depreciation.

Existing Eclipse owners can also trade in their jets at a “defined” depreciation price, company officials added.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comNew Eclipse model unveiled

In depth with Tanky – The World’s Fastest Ready-to-Fly Racing Drone?

There’s a new drone startup making waves in the world of crowdfunding, and this time, it looks like speed is the top priority. California-based Tanky Drone has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring its FPV racer to the wider public, which comes ready to fly and has, in testing at least, hit speeds in excess […]

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Source: Quadcopter/Drone newsIn depth with Tanky – The World’s Fastest Ready-to-Fly Racing Drone?

Is Esri’s Drone2Map a Game Changer?

Features should appeal to Esri users, but will they appeal to non-Esri users? QuickTake THE FACTS: In February 2016, Esri released an application called Drone2Map for ArcGIS. Drone2Map (D2M) takes raw image data from drones and creates digital surface models, orthomosaics, 3D-point clouds and 3D PDFs that can be shared. Data processed by Drone2Map can […]

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Source: Quadcopter/Drone newsIs Esri’s Drone2Map a Game Changer?

Solo Balloonist Breaks RTW Record

Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov landed safely in Australia on Friday evening, breaking by two days the record set in 2002 by Steve Fossett for a solo circumnavigation by balloon. Konyukhov, age 64, overflew his launch site after 11 days and 11 hours, then flew on to his landing spot in an open field. He suffered a bang on the cheek during the bumpy landing, but otherwise emerged from the gondola in good health and high spirits after the long flight.
Source: avwebSolo Balloonist Breaks RTW Record

Science Channel Premieres New “Droned” Series

The Science Channel is conducting a not-so-scientific experiment to find out if drones and reality TV can mix into a ratings reaction. On Friday, July 22, the network premieres Droned, a reality series that “follows a drone company and its high profile clients while exploring the impact of drones, giving audiences a front seat to […]

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Source: Quadcopter/Drone newsScience Channel Premieres New “Droned” Series

Finally – an iPad mount with built-in fans


Overheat screen on iPad
The black screen of death?

Since it was first introduced over six years ago, the iPad has suffered from two consistent two complaints: screen glare and overheating. The screen glare problem has steadily improved, with the addition of stick-on screen protectors and most recently the new screen on the 9.7″ iPad Pro. It may not be solved, but it’s getting close.

The overheating problem has also improved, especially from the notoriously hot iPad 3 model, but it remains a concern for many pilots – especially those flying in Florida and the Southwest US. After an hour in the sun, the dreaded “black screen of death” may appear, alerting you that the iPad has shut down to protect its lithium battery.

There is finally a good option for those pilots, with the release of the X-Naut Active Cooling Mount. This iPad cradle has a vented case and built-in cooling fans that direct airflow over the back of the iPad, aimed at the areas of the tablet that run the hottest. It may sound like overkill, but we’ve flown with it and the X-Naut really works.


The fans (4 on the iPad Air/Pro model and 2 on the iPad Mini model) are impressively quiet and have been tested to ensure they do not interfere with cockpit electronics. The cradle is powered by AA batteries (8 for the iPad Air/Pro model and 4 for the iPad Mini model) so it’s completely wireless, running for over 10 hours on a single set of batteries. Pilots can also use a USB charging cable to power the cradle. There’s even a handy battery test button and indicator light on the side of the X-Naut, so it’s simple to track battery status.

The mount is well made, with conformal-coated electronics to resist moisture and dust and sturdy battery compartment locks. A spring-loaded clip on top makes it fast and easy to insert your iPad and there’s only a simple power button to turn on. Note that it will not work with an iPad case, but that’s probably a bad idea anyway for pilots concerned about heat.

The X-Naut is lightweight, at less than 10 oz. It’s compatible with RAM Mounts (requires a circle base adapter) and MyGoFlight mounts (with a soon-to-be-released adapter). It can even be changed into a kneeboard with an optional accessory kit.

The X-Naut for iPad Air 1-2 and 9.7″ iPad Pro is available for $199.95 and the X-Naut for iPad Mini 1-4 is available for $179.95.

For more information, check out X-Naut’s video below.

Source: Ipad appsFinally – an iPad mount with built-in fans

What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for the Drone Industry

Commentary.  While the country discusses the effect that either candidate might have on the economy, at DRONELIFE we’re focused on the drone industry.  Making a few projections based on the direction that the party and Mr. Trump have taken, here’s our take on the  what a Trump presidency might mean for the drone industry; both the good and […]

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Source: Quadcopter/Drone newsWhat a Trump Presidency Could Mean for the Drone Industry

Garmin introduces new subscriptions for datalink weather, text and voice

Garmin has unveiled expanded Connext weather and data service packages that provide new pricing tiers that offer all-inclusive rate plans designed to suit pilots’ flying needs for global weather and connectivity.

Based on annual aircraft utilization, two new rate plans are available, each combining continuous weather updates, voice calling and unlimited text messaging.

Aircraft equipped with the GSR 56 satellite datalink transceiver and compatible avionics can take advantage of these new rate plans starting at $79.99 per month.

Each plan is tailored to the number of hours that pilots typically operate throughout the year.

For example, Connext Weather 150 ($79.99) is designed for customers who operate 150 hours per year or less and provides worldwide weather updates at 10-minute intervals. This package also includes 30 minutes of voice per month and unlimited text messaging.

Connext Weather 400 ($174.99 a month) offers customers averaging 400 flight hours per year access to worldwide weather at five-minute request intervals, the maximum available. Connext Weather 400 also adds unlimited voice usage and unlimited text messaging.

Additionally, through Dec. 31, 2016, customers who purchase any one of the data plans can purchase a new GSR 56 with a Flight Stream 510 for $9,9953, a savings of more than $1,800. See a Garmin Authorized Dealer for additional details.

Existing GSR 56 customers can receive a three-month account credit upon enrollment in a new, 12-month subscription contract when taking advantage of these new data plans, company officials noted. Customers who have not activated service for their GSR 56 prior to July 1, 2016, can subscribe under any of the new rate plans before Dec. 31, 2016 to receive this credit.


Source: http://generalaviationnews.comGarmin introduces new subscriptions for datalink weather, text and voice