We have decided since there is a lot of reviews and different opinions on apps for aviation we will just share some reviews and a little of our experience with the apps we use. Apps are similar to the phones we use, they are a personal choice that varies as much as the type of food we eat. Most if not  all of the popular apps work with Iphone and Android phones as well as Ipad and tablets. Now for the hard part, using the apps such as Foreflight and Garman can be overwhelming with all the functionality but the good news is Youtube and Sportys offer videos and webinars. We have decided to make Ipad news part of our around the web news feed to keep our readers up to date.

Here is a few links to reviews from the web. Since the Ipad is the most popular device for aviation apps there are a lot of reviews for this device.

Social flight is a favorite of ours as it has fly ins airports and much much more.

Here is what our staff uses to help make good radio calls, we think it is well worth the $1.99

We have had mixed reviews for electronic log books. I think it is related to the fact that paper log books allow you to hold them in your hand and not just an electronic log you need the internet to look at. I for one prefer to use both since log books can be lost or misplaced.

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