Washington aviation director retires

After 35 years of federal and state service, including the last six years as Director of Aviation at the Washington State Department of Transportation, Tristan Atkins is retiring. Under Atkins’ leadership, WSDOT completed landmark studies, including the Airport Investment and Airport Investment “Solutions” studies, which helped identify aviation funding gaps and target investments in the state. […]
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The best USB charging accessory for pilots?

Flight Gear charger plugged in

For pilots using a tablet as their primary chart reference, keeping an iPad charged isn’t just a convenience – it’s a safety of flight issue. Fortunately, there are a whole host of solutions that can keep your battery topped off; unfortunately, many were developed for cars and not airplanes. As we’ve learned the hard way, not all of these “good deals” work in the demanding environment of an airplane cockpit.

Aviation-specific products (like those from Appareo and True Blue Power) have started to appear over the last few years, and are excellent performers. The only drawback is that they typically require installation and often cost well over $200. Now there’s a new option that is made for aviation but is both inexpensive and portable.

Flight Gear USB Charger
The Flight Gear USB Charger features dual 2.4 amp charging ports.

The Flight Gear Dual USB Charger is a compact cigarette lighter plug, shaped like many other charging plugs. There are three key differences, though, that make this our new favorite charging accessory.

It’s universal. Most airplanes have 12V cigarette lighter plugs (even those with 28V electrical systems), but some put out 24V. This automatically disqualifies most car chargers. Conveniently, the Flight Gear model will accommodate both 12V or 24V plugs. No more thinking – just plug it in and go.

Dual 2.4 amp plugs. Here’s another handy feature that eliminates thinking. While iPhones are happy to charge off a 1 amp plug, iPads and ADS-B receivers all need 2.1 or 2.4 amps to charge properly. Again, inexpensive car chargers often have either no high amp plugs or only 1, so you’re constantly searching for the one labeled “2 amps.” Both USB ports on the Flight Gear USB Charger are 2.4 amps, so you can easily charge an iPad and a Stratus at the same time.

Built-in screen. This is something we haven’t seen before – a built-in screen right on the front of the charging plug that shows real time system status. When you plug in the charger and the airplane’s electrical system is on, you’ll see the current voltage being put out by your cigarette lighter. This is a good way to monitor the status of your battery, or at least your plug. You’ll hear an audio alert if it drops below 12V (for 12-14V airplanes) or is between 18 and 24 volts (for 24-28V systems).

Flight Gear charger plugged in
The screen shows the current amps being delivered to your portable device (in this case an iPhone).

Once you plug into the USB ports, the screen switches over to showing the amps being drawn by your devices. This is a great way to confirm that your iPad is getting its 2+ amps, and you’ll notice it automatically charges an iPhone at the lower rate of about 1.3 to 1.5 amps (see picture).

We’ve flown over a dozen trips with this charger, in aircraft ranging from a Cessna 172 to a Pilatus PC-12 to a Robinson helicopter. So far it has worked in every aircraft and with a slew of portable devices, including iPad Pros, an older iPad 3, Stratus ADS-B receivers, Garmin VIRB video cameras, and inReach Messengers. We now consider it an essential item for any flight outside the traffic pattern.

The Flight Gear Dual USB Charger is now shipping, and is available for $18.95.

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What are Canada’s New Drone Regulations?

Canada has issued a new interim drone law, relaxing regulations for recreational users. The new law removes the restriction against flying within 75 meters of buildings, something that drone enthusiasts pointed out practically eliminated all flight within cities and heavily settled areas.  The new regulation states that drones must be operated at least 30 m away […]

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PlaneLogiX releases free builder logbook

CARRBORO, NC — PlaneLogiX has released a new Builder Logbook module available to aircraft builders for free. Builders can use the free service to keep track of their airplane as it is built. Add photos, videos, and more to catalog the homebuilder journey, company officials note. PlaneLogiX officials said they designed the Builder Logbook to be […]
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Malawi and UNICEF Create Drone Corridor for Rescue Work

Malawi and UNICEF have joined forces to open up a 25-mile-radius drone corridor over the nation’s Kasungu Aerodrome in an effort to improve emergency rescue operations and further aerial research. The UN agency says the drone corridor is the first in Africa and will be used by universities and some private sector business in addition […]

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Fireworks, Drones and Airplanes Don't Mix

June 30– As people travel, purchase fireworks and fly drones over the Independence Day holiday, the FAA reminds them to know and follow the aviation safety rules.

Here are general guidelines for people flying drones:

  • Dont fly your drone in or near fireworks
  • Dont fly over people
  • Dont fly near airports

To learn more about what you can and cant do with your drone go to faa.gov/uas or download the B4UFLY app for free in the Apple and Google Play store. Also, check out the FAA’s July 4th No Drone Zone PSA video.

There are also strict rules prohibiting airline passengers from packing or carrying fireworks on domestic or international flights. Remember these simple rules:

  • Dont pack fireworks in your carry-on bags
  • Dont pack fireworks in your checked luggage
  • Dont send fireworks through the mail or parcel services

Passengers violating the rules can face fines or criminal prosecution. When in DoubtLeave it out!

For more information on the passenger rules for fireworks and other hazardous materials, please go to www.faa.gov/go/packsafe/. Leave the fireworks at homeFireworks Don’t Fly (Poster)

As FAA works to ensure that passengers arrive at their destinations safely, it is important that you follow the rules while enjoying your drones as well as celebrating the July 4th holiday.

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WACO Announces "Faces of the Factory" Event

Were you or someone you know an employee of the
WACO Aircraft Company in Troy, Ohio?
WACO Air Museum is looking for stories about the factory and its employees and is hosting a lunch for former WACO Aircraft employees and/or a family member. The luncheon will be provided by and held at Story Point Senior Living, 1840 Towne Park Dr, Troy, OH on Friday, July 28th at 11:30. Seatng is limited.
Please RSVP by July 21st to 937-335-9226

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