Transition to the Sky

LAKELAND, Florida — Transition to the Sky is a new program offered at the Aerospace Center for Excellence on the SUN ‘n FUN campus on Lakeland Linder Regional Airport that is designed to prepare people with special needs and their families for future air travel. Participants learn what it is like to experience steps associated with […]
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Swift Engineering’s VTOL Solutions for the UAS Industry – the Swift 020

Swift Engineering, Inc. , the San Clemente firm that develops UAS systems and technology, will be showcasing their solutions at the AUVSI Xponential show in Dallas. The Swift 020, the first UAS featuring their X-Blade Technology, will be on display. It is the result of over 13 years of research and development in UAS. The […]

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DronetheWorld Video of the Week! I am . . . PRÍNCIPE!

Each week we feature a video sent to us by, a site that collects and maps drone videos from around the world. from the folks at DronetheWorld: A creative way to present a camera lens – social media personality Danielle Loven centered around selected fine footage, underlined by a neat sound track. Nicely worked […]

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First Flight: Production Mooney Acclaim Ultra

Mooney Prepares For Deliveries Of The Newest M20, This June Despite recent turmoil that has accompanied the loss of key personnel and (just days ago) their CEO, Mooney International is touting the first flight of a production M20V Acclaim Ultra as signs that the company still has a lot going for it. The first production M20V lifted off to begin its pre-delivery flight test program late last week, allowing Mooney’s flight test team to put the new airplane through its initial paces for just over an hour and a half. Both the new Acclaim and Ovation Ultras received FAA certification last month – and the factory is now beginning to ramp-up to full production capacity as first deliveries of the new aircraft are scheduled to begin in June. Acclaim Ultras will be first of the series to be delivered in early summer, followed later in the year by new M20U Ovation Ultras.
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FAA Evaluates Drone Detection Systems at DFW

This week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and its partners are conducting detection research on unmanned aircraft (UAS) popularly called drones at Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport.

The DFW evaluation is the latest in a series of detection system evaluations that began in February 2016. Previous evaluations took place at Atlantic City International Airport; John F. Kennedy International Airport; Eglin Air Force Base; Helsinki, Finland Airport; and Denver International Airport.

Drones that enter the airspace around airports can pose serious safety threats. The FAA is coordinating with government and industry partners to evaluate technologies that could be used to detect drones in and around airports. This effort complies with congressional language directing the FAA to evaluate UAS detection systems at airports and other critical infrastructure sites.

At DFW, the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi UAS test site is performing the flight operations using multiple drones. Gryphon Sensors is the participating industry partner. The companys drone detection technologies include radar, radio frequency and electro-optical systems.

The FAAs federal partners in the overall drone detection evaluation effort include the Department of Homeland Security; the Department of Defense; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Federal Communications Commission; Customs and Border Protection; the Department of the Interior; the Department of Energy; NASA; the Department of Justice; the Bureau of Prisons; the U.S. Secret Service; the U.S. Capitol Police; and the Department of Transportation. The work is part of the FAAs Pathfinder Program for UAS detection at airports.

The FAA intends to use the information gathered during this assessment and other previous evaluations to develop minimum performance standards for any UAS detection technology that may be deployed in or around U.S. airports. These standards are expected to facilitate a consistent and safe approach to UAS detection at U.S. airports.

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