International Partners Plan for Aviation Growth

August 31– The Certification Management Team (CMT), comprised of leaders from four civil aviation authorities, has published a strategy to develop and implement policies that streamline certification. The team includes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),Agencia Nacionalde Avia?o Civil (ANAC) of Brazil, European Aviation SafetyAgency (EASA), and Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). The FAA and EASAalso have establishedabilateral Validation Improvement Roadmap (VIR) that defines the specific bilateral initiatives.

The continued globalization of the aviation industry has prompted collaboration among the worlds civil aviation authorities to harmonize regulatory systems. Industry growth has increased the level of domestic certification activity, and validation projects from emerging States of Design are placing growing resource demands on other authorities. By maximizing the use of existing U.S. bilateral partnerships with our CMT partner countries, we can reduce the amount of effort all of the agencies currently expend on validation programs.

Strong partnerships are a key to consistent safety standards around the world. As leaders in the global aviation community, the CMT members are pioneering a strategy that focuses on confidence-building initiatives and risk-based validation principles to accept partner certification activities with limited or no technical involvement. This is a significant expansion of previous initiatives, which allows the authorities to maximize their reliance on the certificating authority as much as possible.

The CMT Strategy and the FAA-EASA VIR support the FAAs Global Leadership Initiative, which is transforming how the FAA prioritizes and targets resources to engage with the international aviation community to improve safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability through regulatory harmonization and partnerships.

Source: FAAInternational Partners Plan for Aviation Growth

FAA warns Santa Monica about anti-airport action

The FAA has once again advised the city of Santa Monica that it must keep Santa Monica Municipal Airport open and operating on “fair and reasonable terms” and “without unjust discrimination” at least until 2023. In a strongly worded letter dated Aug. 30, the FAA said it is “prepared to pursue all legal remedies at its disposal” if the city council acts to undermine the FAA’s decision regarding the future of the airport.

Source: aopaFAA warns Santa Monica about anti-airport action

Drones take Art to the Sky

3DR just released a video that shows various artists, mostly using large scale formats such as murals to show their art. In this case, the company was using a 3DR Solo drone for their aerial photography. It’s not an application that has received as much play as some of the larger drone applications, such as […]

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Cessna Signs Multi-Year Agreement With Pan Am International Flight Academy

Provides For The Purchase Of Cessna 172 Aircraft For Primary Flight Training Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. company, today announced during the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS), that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Pan Am International Flight Academy. The agreement provides that Pan Am will purchase new, non-complex, single engine aircraft, which includes the Cessna Skyhawk 172, exclusively from Cessna.
Source: aero newsCessna Signs Multi-Year Agreement With Pan Am International Flight Academy

FAA To Santa Monica: Airport Must Remain Open Through At Least 2023

Tenants And Aircraft Owners Must Be Treated Fairly By The City, Agency Says The FAA has reacted to the passage of a resolution by the Santa Monica (CA) City Council calling for the closure of the airport “as early as 2018” with a strongly-worded letter to the city’s mayor saying the airport must remain open through at least 2023.
Source: aero newsFAA To Santa Monica: Airport Must Remain Open Through At Least 2023

Seminar To Address Stick-And-Rudder Skills

A new nonprofit group based in southern New England aims to address the deterioration of basic stick-and-rudder skills among pilots, and is starting out with a focus on CFIs, says Bob Berlyn, the group’s executive director. Berlyn, a former airline pilot and CFI, is an FAA safety inspector in Norwood, Massachusetts. “Everywhere I go, I hear the same story,” he told AVweb this week. “From airline captains, CFIs, instructors in airline training departments — everyone agrees that among the new recruits, the stick-and-rudder skills are lacking.”
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The Weekender: Labor Day Getaways

The Weekender is looking forward to long Labor Day getaways, plus breakfast destinations found on The Arizona Pilots Association invites all for a long backcountry weekend in Young, starting with dinner Friday, followed by breakfast Saturday, an evening Corn-Fest and chili cookoff. Camping and other accommodations are available for the weekend.
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JetBlue Flies To Cuba

When JetBlue’s Flight 387 took off this morning from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, headed for Cuba, it was the first commercial airline to fly that route since 1961. For First Officer Frank Barreras, the trip held an extra level of poignancy — his father, Frank Sr., fled Cuba 55 years ago, aboard one of the last commercial flights to the U.S. “I never thought this day would come in my lifetime,” Barreras told CBS News. “It’s an amazing, amazing time.”
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