ForeFlight enhances Integrated Logbook

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The newly released ForeFlight 8 includes a number of new enhancements to its integrated electronic pilot logbook, including Flight Sharing, Remote Signing, Progress Reports, and Logbook Connect.

“With the introduction of Logbook Connect, we are cultivating an ecosystem of tools and services that give pilots more freedom to access and manage their logbook data,” said co-founder and CEO Tyson Weihs. “ForeFlight Logbook is more than just a record of your flights. It’s a platform that makes it easy and a joy to maintain an accurate and current record of your flying time.”

Image 5 - ForeFlight Logbook Progress TrackingLogbook Connect enables third parties to link their services to the ForeFlight Logbook platform, giving pilots who use their services a direct link to their logbook in ForeFlight. ForeFlight’s launch partners for Logbook Connect include Redbird Flight and Schedule Pointe, a full service scheduling, dispatch, and business management solution for flight schools and clubs.

Customers can connect to their ForeFlight account from the Redbird Landing dashboard, which will automatically create draft entries in their ForeFlight Logbook. Similarly, pilots who use Schedule Pointe can connect their account and send draft logbook entries into ForeFlight from the same dashboard used for flight scheduling.

Flight Sharing

Flight Sharing makes it easy for pilots to send draft entries to those they are flying with, helping them to save time when filling out their own logbook. Using the “send to” action button, a pilot can select to send the flight entry to one or more people who, if they are an existing ForeFlight customer, can then modify and accept the entry into their own logbook.

Those who are not already a ForeFlight customer receive a notification email with a link to set up a ForeFlight account. Upon subscribing, the draft entry can then be added to Logbook.

Remote Signing

Students can send draft logbook entries to their instructor who can review, send back edits, or sign the endorsement, whenever and wherever it is most convenient. In just a couple of taps, the instructor can also opt to add the flight to their own ForeFlight Logbook as ‘Dual Given’ time.

Image 5 - ForeFlight Logbook remote signature requested ipadProgress Tracking

Another new feature designed for pilots-in-training is a Progress Tracking report that keeps tabs on accumulated flight time towards their private pilot certificate or instrument rating. The reports can be accessed, printed, or emailed via the ForeFlight app or through the ForeFlight website.

ForeFlight 8 will be available for download on the App Store in August along with the new features on the web.

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