Tip: Lawyer up — before you need to


J. Michael Loomis, an aviation attorney in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offers this advice: “If you are going to be active in aviation, I recommend that you develop a relationship with an aviation attorney before you actually need one.

You’ll want to know who you will be able to call and how to reach them in the midst of a problem, such as when you receive a request over the radio that you “call the tower.”

LoomisIt would be helpful for the attorney to know a little about you before the problem comes, so there is a comfort level between you.

That way when you do have to make that call, you’ll have a comfort level and trust with your attorney, and your attorney, on the other hand, will know something about your aviation interest, level of experience, history and training.”

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comTip: Lawyer up — before you need to

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