Bell Helicopters Debut At Heli-Expo

Heli-Expo, the annual event hosted by Helicopter Association International, opened in Louisville, Kentucky, this week, with about 700 exhibitors and 60 helicopters on display. Two aircraft being shown for the first time are Bell’s flight-test vehicles for the 525 Relentless and the 505 Jet Ranger X programs. Bell officials said they have nearly 80 letters of intent for the 525, which first flew last July, and more than 350 interested in the 505.
Source: avwebBell Helicopters Debut At Heli-Expo

NASA Funds Low-Sonic-Boom X-Plane

Lockheed Martin will create a preliminary design for a low-sonic-boom supersonic X-Plane, NASA officials announced on Monday in Washington, D.C. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden noted it’s almost 70 years since Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1. “Now we’re continuing that supersonic X-plane legacy with this preliminary design award for a quieter supersonic jet with an aim toward passenger flight,” Bolden said.
Source: avwebNASA Funds Low-Sonic-Boom X-Plane

Garmin Announces New Portable GPS

In a market rich with tablet and smartphone navigation apps, Garmin has announced a new, purpose-built portable GPS navigator, the aera 660. It’s the company’s first dedicated aviation portable since the aera 796 appeared in 2011. Following the trend in smartphones, the aera 660 has a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen and more interface capability than any previous portable from any manufacturer. Its operating logic resembles the GTN series and G3X Touch products, so anyone familiar with those should adapt to the 660 easily, according to Garmin.
Source: avwebGarmin Announces New Portable GPS

ForeFlight Tip: how to use cockpit sharing

FFM Cockpit sharing

ForeFlight has an interesting but little-known feature called Cockpit Sharing that allows pilots to quickly share and load flight plans from one device to another when on the same WiFi network. The easiest way to accomplish this in the air is to use a Stratus ADS-B receiver, since it creates its own WiFi network for all the devices to connect to. This feature saves both flight plan entry time and helps reduce errors when two pilots are flying with iPads or iPhones with complicated routing. Here’s how to use it:

1. Enter a flight plan on one of the devices, including route, TAS, fuel burn and altitude.

ForeFlight flightplan

2. Press the Send To button in the lower right corner of the route editor.

ForeFlight flightplan text

3. Select the name of the device with which you’d like to share the flight plan from the bottom of the list.

ForeFlight send to

4. The second device will display an alert asking if you want to view the route. Press the View Route button to load and activate that flight plan.

ForeFlight flight plan share

Source: Ipad appsForeFlight Tip: how to use cockpit sharing

Tip: Lawyer up — before you need to


J. Michael Loomis, an aviation attorney in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offers this advice: “If you are going to be active in aviation, I recommend that you develop a relationship with an aviation attorney before you actually need one.

You’ll want to know who you will be able to call and how to reach them in the midst of a problem, such as when you receive a request over the radio that you “call the tower.”

LoomisIt would be helpful for the attorney to know a little about you before the problem comes, so there is a comfort level between you.

That way when you do have to make that call, you’ll have a comfort level and trust with your attorney, and your attorney, on the other hand, will know something about your aviation interest, level of experience, history and training.”

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comTip: Lawyer up — before you need to