Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Successfully Completes Maiden Flight, Expected Delivery In 2017

Boeing Co’s new 737 MAX aircraft successfully completed its first test flight … that the 737 MAX features new engines from CFM International, a joint venture of General Electric and Safran SA of France. During its maiden flight Friday, the airliner …
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Scholarship winner puts award to good use

Photo 2 of Kelly Hicks to Accompany Previous AVTRIP Scholarship winner put 2013 award to good use

Avfuel’s AVTRIP Scholarship recipient from 2013, Kelly Hicks, is soaring to new heights after completing training to obtain her multi-engine rating.

“It’s been the best experience,” said Hicks. “Receiving my multi-engine rating means I’ve accomplished my dream— I can now fly the King Air, my favorite aircraft since childhood. This just solidifies that I have achieved my goals.”

Kelly Hicks with her beloved King Air.

Kelly Hicks with her beloved King Air.

With her qualifications, Hicks serves as a contract pilot for an oil field company, flying its King Air and TBM aircraft. Wearing many hats, she switches between her flight attendant and pilot roles, making each day unique.

Though it wasn’t an easy journey, Hicks said she kept her nose in her books and obtained multiple ratings over the past three years.

Photo 2 of Kelly Hicks to Accompany Previous AVTRIP Scholarship winner put 2013 award to good use

The process started by obtaining her private pilot license in 2014 in her hometown of Stephenville, Texas. From there, she used the AVTRIP Scholarship toward her instrument rating in the spring of 2015 through American Flyers in Addison, Texas, where she also obtained her commercial rating in the summer of 2015.

“Though everyone said the commercial rating would be the easiest part, I actually found it the most challenging,” said Hicks. “Practicing chandelles and lazy eights in the midst of a hot July in Texas makes for an uncomfortably bumpy experience, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world!”

Kelly with her uncle's J3 Cub.

Kelly with her uncle’s J3 Cub.

Following her commercial training, in the fall of 2015 Hicks received a tailwheel endorsement flying her uncle’s J3 Cub, as well as her multi-engine rating from Tom Brady at Traverse Air in Traverse City, Michigan, allowing her to finally fly her beloved King Air.

“The AVTRIP Scholarship from Avfuel really did help me achieve my goals by helping finance my instrument rating,” said Hicks.

Hicks is now looking forward to her next adventure. One of the companies for which she serves as a flight attendant has approached her about becoming its first officer in a Beechjet once she obtains enough flying hours.

“They’re dangling a carrot in front of me,” said Hicks. “I’m excited for what’s to come and enjoying living my dream.”

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comScholarship winner puts award to good use

Sandel taps Stevens Aviation for Avilon

Sandel Avilon

Sandel Avionics has selected Stevens Aviation as one of its exclusive Avilon dealerships.

The Sandel Avilon Avionics Suite is an all-glass integrated flight deck for the King Air family, starting with the KA-200, designed and assembled at Sandel for easy installation, according to company officials.

Sandel Avilon“This changes everything as it gives the customer a fully replaceable, high performance avionics system that meets all 2020 NextGen regulations, installs in as little as five days, and all for a price many more can afford,” said Phil Stearns, sales manager, Stevens Aviation.

Avilon offers a fly-away, fully installed system for an expected $175,000.

All three Stevens Aviation locations, located in Dayton, Ohio (DAY), Nashville, (BNA) and Greenville, S.C. (GYH) are designated authorized Avilon Installation Centers and are set to install this system starting in June.

Source: http://generalaviationnews.comSandel taps Stevens Aviation for Avilon

Green county plane crash

single engine plane looking right back at me in my windshield,” Kowalewsky said. “It looked like the plane was trying to make a left turn, but it was pointed down in a bad attitude, and my first thought was, ‘He wasn’t going to make it. I saw him in my windshield maybe 20-30 feet above my car.” – See more at:

Green county Lewis A Jackson regional airport, I19